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steel manual knife Customers Reviews

  • Simply useful

    posted by sianegad

    Sharp, well built. It feels solid and prety much indestructible (its all steel) Elegant design with torx screw so it can be taken apart for maintenance. It pretty small yet not too small, will fit nicely in pockets and the clip seem solid, its metal too.
    The release latch is sturdy, since it is part tongue spliting from the handle, no spring that can break or weaken
    One hand opening pin on the blade for right AND left hands
    Don't go bear hunting with this knife, its a nice size for everyday use without risking scaring the neighborhood
    Quite nice little pocket knife for a fair price. Not deal of the century, but i havent found an equivalent design
  • nice quality knife.

    posted by rcaor

    It's a very nice knife, it came sharp and the locking mechanism is superb. The knife came with a little sleeve. It's a classic design so it fits very well in your hands.
    Not for beginners. This is a long knife and it tends to snap back if you are not careful (good bye finger tips). Still it locks very well and is fluid. just be careful and this knife will last you a long time.
    Buy it, I wish i had a second one to gift away.
  • Great little knife for the money!

    posted by RCode

    Great little knife to carry around everyday. I've carried it around once or twice a week for 2 years, and the finish is still like new. Obviously you have to take care of it, but with little care, it'll last for a long time.
    I've got a Benchmade knife I usually carry around, and this is no Benchmade, but it does the job.
    I would buy it again, and great for a gift. Everyone always asks where I got it, and I always tell them here. :)
  • overall its a goog knife

    posted by jp26slb

    cool graphics and it come really sharp. its a very solid knife doesnt feel like a cheap knife. its very discrete inside the pocket. as a every day use or a self protective measure its perfect.
    if it was cheaper i would but it over and over again so i could give them as gifts to some family members and friends.
    very good knife but should be cheaper its worth buying since its small and discrete, its perfect for every day use if toy dont mind scratch the graphics .


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