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  • brilliant

    posted by stroker50

    Easy to use,fits in my hand comfortably,easy to fill and the slide lock works well.The trigger action is very precise.Being able to switch between Jet flame or ordinary flame with a simple flick of a slim flip lever is an added bonus.
    Really like the appearance and shape. I like the way it is free standing allowing me freedom to move around the flame. The jet allows very accurate detail work to be done.
    Love it. Great to use,very handy and fits in my pocket with ease.
  • Decent, well-priced Zippo alternative..

    posted by fs1034

    Decent build quality. Nice, durable paint finish (not likely to come off without being scraped at pretty hard).
    Burns as well as any lighter, fairly windproof, easy flint mechanism.
    Overall fairly well built, with little to complain about. Looks like a real Zippo, even fairly close, and has a near similar build quality. Definitely can't go wrong for a quarter of the price of a Zippo (on DX no less), and definitely worth getting if you're even remotely interested.
    Not being a smoker myself, there isn't really any practical use for this, though it's still fun to carry around...
    Good price, surprisingly good build quality (for the price, and being a knockoff), and entirely usable as an alternative to the slightly more expensive Zippo.
    Worth it for anyone looking for this type of lighter, and not willing to spend the $$ for an actual Zippo.
  • Good

    posted by mmonsterr1988

    Very classy looking and useful especially when you need to light a cigarette during a windy day. Produces an attractive green flame too. The in built key chain is very useful for bringing it around and reduce chances of getting it lost.
    Could be cheaper considering the build quality of the lighter.
    Decent price for a wind proof lighter, useful but build quality could be better.
  • Excellent Pipe Lighter

    posted by b6283

    Great pipe lighter. Much better quality than one would expect for the price. Cool looking and unique design with pen-style.
    Pipe lighters need to shoot out a "soft" flame in a manner that allows accurate direction of the flame. If you use a cheapie disposable, you'll burn your fingers. A dedicated pipe lighter is important for a pipe smoker.I purchased one for my son and he thought it was a $20 lighter.
    Very good pipe lighter at a great price.
  • awesome oil lighter, cool design and color.

    posted by rgeo5

    Very nice design and colors (taste flavor),
    i love the tiger on top,
    'clicks' like it is supposed too for such oil lighters,
    the wick is long enough inside,
    i really like the dimensions too,
    you got the team pistols logo with the 2 guns, pretty cool.
    I am very happy with this oil lighter, very good deal, thanks to the team pistol. If you like the style and you are looking for an oil lighter then buy this one.

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