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steel kitchen Customers Reviews

  • Wrong size for me

    posted by olivalto

    Apparently good quality material. Good finish. Durability of the product seems to be good, at least that's what appears as'm not using it.
    In fact, the "Cons" was my fault, because the specifications are all ok. So can be neglected.
    If you want to buy this product, do not forget, ,measure correctly which will put before buying, Otherwise, it may happen that the same happened to me, it was not having to buy and where to use it.
  • Rusty after the first wash - is that stainless ?

    posted by eci10

    A good ideea in principle to have several blades that help you cutting the vegetables.
    Don't see how could it be fixed and made usefull.
    What more to say - a bit disapointed as I was hoping for something usefull not deceiving building quality.
  • Good Product

    posted by bigal1983

    -You can disassemble and clean all the parts.
    -Open cans
    -Open bottles
    -Good cutter
    -Crack nuts
    Sharp blades and feels like stainless steel
    The design is good and looks qualitatively.
    It doesn't steal lot of room in the kitchen.
    Good Price for this kind of product.
    Good product to have lying around the kitchen, can be handy around the housef.
    Great product for the kitchen or for any Activity outdoor.
  • Worth the price, works as expected, with a trick

    posted by pjwerneck

    Standard kitchen timer. Very well built, it's really stainless steel, it can be dropped on the floor, on water. Easy to clean.
    When it first arrived, I often used it for 15 minutes, and it would always ring just a few seconds, sometimes it would go unnoticed. I thought it was defective. After a while I realized you have to turn it to 60 everytime, and after that turn it back to adjust. Now it works perfectly and rings for a little while.
    There are cheaper alternatives here in DX (I got SKU 43891 too, which seems to have the same parts), but it does work very well after you learn the trick above, and it feels very well built.If you are into the Pomodoro Technique and looking for a timer that doesn't look ridiculous on your office desk, this is a perfect one too.
  • Stainless Steel 48 Spikes ???? Tenderizer

    posted by kkkrastevrz

    Wonderful product. With very little effort the meat becomes so tender it melts right in your mouth. I dare say that this is not just for steaks and for any meat. I tried it for steaks, kebabs and everything you need for a barbecue. Jump'm fascinated. The meat becomes better than mince.
    Wonderful product. I recommend it to all who want to eat lean meat.
    Buy without worrying about anything. This product is well made reliable and very easy to work with him. Perhaps the price is a little higher than necessary.

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