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  • Very good keychain

    posted by paulogcneto

    - good quality- very firm, not those cheap soft sponge- not very large like most of keychains in this site that are unusable because are gigantic- does not smeel bad
    - i was affraid it would be very big, but has a fair size- i was affraid it would be those soft sponge that would tear easily, but is very firm it will not break the chain from the football- i was affraid it would smell funny, but it doesnt
    - very cool for fans of football- im a Packers fan, thats why i pick the yellow one, recommend for the cheeseheads
  • Nice little and practical thing.

    posted by jsemi11

    It unfolds and folds in a second so you can have your own portable cup to drink. No more risks for drinking from a cup from someone you do not know, no more going to a party and not having something to pour your drink on ;)
    As I said it is very practical, and water does not leak at all if you opoen it correctly.
    Comes with a keychain, will remove it, I like it ore without it :)
    Buy it. You will surprise your friends and never be on that moment you do not have a glass to take medicines.
  • Perfect for prison wardens...

    posted by ChrisGray

    Seriously though, I have a lot of keys, and two cars. I don't want to carry every damned key I own around at all times, so using this keyring (and multiple key loops) I can modularise my keys. I have the two cars split, a home set, and other sets on separate loops. If I'm on holidays, the work keys go off for two weeks so I don't have to lug them around etc etc.The two balls that hold the loop closed are sprung towards each other, and you have to pull reasonably hard to remove or attach a loop, which was my main concern as I didn't want to accidentally slip loops off in my pocket.The keyring can be made smaller still by unscrewing the leather portion out of the ring.I'm not a great fan of chrome, but these look great, and nobody will know the wiser that it's not a $30+ keyring.
    Do you have too many keys? Buy these and thank me later.
  • Nice keychain

    posted by gabizago2

    It is good lookingIt doesn't look as a cheap productEach giraffe comes in a different colorIt holds your keys tightlyIt is lightweight
    It is a nice gift for giraffe lovers. I love giraffes and I'm using as my current keychain. I'm considering buying more to give as gifts to my friends.
    If in doubt, BUY. You won't regret. It is good looking, and it holds your keys together.
  • A very good and cheap flash drive

    posted by SusanooJdragon

    - Very small. By far one of the smallest flash drives I've seen
    - Metallic cover means that the drive won't break unintentionally, or at least not very easily
    - 8 gigs equals a lot of space
    - Very good price-per-gigs ratio
    - Comes with a big keyring
    I still can't believe just how small this thing is. When closed it has a smaller horizontal footprint than a regular SD card.
    Also, as usual, we're dealing with hard drive makers' gigabytes. The 8 gigabytes actually translates to about 7.5 gigs of actual space
    A very good and cheap 8 gig flash drive. You should definitely consider this drive if you want a large-capacity drive that has a really small footprint.

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