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Every single steel keychain displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.

steel keychain Customers Reviews

  • Good keychain

    posted by gogogoalex2

    Good quality, good metal.Nice shape, nice tool, nice wrench, i like it!Looks resistant.Looks cool.Doesnt weight too much, can fit in your pocket without problems.
    I like it very much, i will use it as my everyday keychain with all my keys. Its cool this keychain.
    I think was a great deal for me, because its good metal quality, and nice shape, and cool wrench, ofc u cannot use on real things, its just a keychain!
  • Great idea

    posted by sincero

    What can I say more, the design is very interesting. I also bought the one with spanner shape for my partner. It obviously will attract attention because of the design.
    It also works as real plier and made of metal.
    Product with unique design came from a great idea. Apart from a key chain, you can really use it for plier, although I can't really think of on what occasion you will need to use this mini plier
  • The Better Inexpensive Reusable Matchstick

    posted by GunMan552

    Better build than most of the other inexpensive matchsticks, O-Ring to keep the Fuel from evaporating
    It seems like a good idea, but there are just too many flaws with the product. Had the build quality and serviceability been present in this product, it would make a very nice piece in most survival kits.
    I just got this to mess around with, for the price you might as well too, but don't rely or put all your faith in it during a dire situation.
  • A real spanner!

    posted by dansdata

    Yes, this is a real, if tiny, adjustable spanner (wrench). And it really is made from (slightly magnetic) stainless steel, not some crappy pot-metal zinc alloy, so it won't break easily or make your hands smell funny.
    This is not just a one-piece pot-metal charm-bracelet keyring doodad. It really is an actual working spanner, suitable for use on any fastener that's small enough. Computer case screws and brass hex motherboard stand-offs, for instance.
  • Great keychain. Really a Genuine Victorinox.

    posted by Koffy

    This is really a Genuine Victorinox keichain. I bought it for my father who owned one of these (bought at a store in Austria at $40, about 10 years ago), but lost it in a trip abroad. It is the same as the one he bought. Construction is very sturdy (stainless steel), and should last forever. Great for a gift, or to carry your keys.Locks really good arround your belt so you will never drop your keys. Besides, it looks really good, and the price is probably much lower than in stores.
    I wuold loose the clip in the keyring, but that's just a thought.
    Excelent genuine product at a very good price.


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