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steel guitar capo Customers Reviews

  • Looks and works great

    posted by yukonwinter

    This devise was very easy to operate yet it clamps on any fret to kept all six (6) strings securly held. One nice feature is the speed of use. Start to finish is two seconds.It is metal and rubber and a firm spring that shuld last for years. The red colour is nice.
    I wuld buy again in a different colour.
    Best value there is for a capo. I partcularly like the red one.
  • Nice quality, easy to use!

    posted by Elfugi

    It does work perfect, it dont look cheap, i have a better one but i dont like to use it because you waste like a min to put it together, with this one in less than 3 sec you have it!
    i really like it caus eis reaaaaally easy to use ant to change the tone on your guitar, and also its very portable! you can put it on the guitar case with your tuner!
    good quality!! great price! easy to use!!!
  • Good quality product

    posted by sumeetindia

    Nice looking
    Metal Body
    Nice grip on sides of handle
    Spring is very hard.
    Clamps all the strings very nicely
    the rubber padding saves our guitar from scratches
    Works great on both acostic and electric guitars
    It seems like a good durable product,go for it.
  • Good for the price

    posted by emmadee

    It's a good capo. It does its job like its supposed to. It's easy to move around. I haven't noticed any wear on the rubber yet, but then again, I've only had it for a couple of weeks.
    Your guitar is probably not the same as mine. But the gold matches the frets on my acoustic pretty perfectly. It's actually more of a dull light bronze color.
    At a third of the price of a similar capo at a music store, and the same functionality, who cares about a little squeak and some chipped paint? If you need a quick change capo, this is a great buy.
  • Seems like a good capo but doesn't suit my needs!

    posted by manchom

    Now its a guitar capo...so not so much to write about it anyway.
    - The build quality is fair. Its a metal capo with strong enough spring.
    - The rubber part also is good
    - It has a plastic cover on the side holding the back of the neck not to scratch it
    The bottomline is that it looks like a good capo, just NOT SUITED for classical guitars and this MUST be mentioned. Also I had suspicion that its for electric guitars due to the curve but still wanted to give it a try as its described as a capo for acoustic and electric guitars.

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