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steel ear Customers Reviews

  • Sweet!

    posted by rsfanet

    It looks great! I love it! All my friends like it, and I even had a few girls hit on me over it ;)It's cheap, but I can buy here for about the same price so it's not that special. But it looks amazing!
    It looks great, it's cheap, it will ship to your house.. What else can you ask? I strongly recommend this product!
    If you're looking for a nice tongue ring, for cheap, buy this one! Good quality, ships to your house, and looks awesome!
  • Cheap earpick and tools

    posted by Frederick

    It is really small, I didn't expect it would be that small, It does what it said, it has a earpick, a needle, 2 types of screw driver, it also has a key ring hole, but it doesn't come with a keyring for some reason.
    I have no idea what that needle does, but the other tools work great.
    It is really cheap, and really small, it would fit in your pocket or your keys.
  • good quality earpick

    posted by Serafijn

    Well, this is a very well built stainless steel ear pick. Very firm, easy to handle.Stainless steel makes it easy to desinfect it by steam of boiling. So, optimal hygiene for you family.The scoop has the right size and shape, with makes it easy to use. It has no sharp edges, so any adult can use it safely.
    It's not a cheap earpick, but it's quality makes it worth it. You wont regret buying this one. It could last you for a very long time.
    Great hygienic earpick, and very good value for your money... I recommend it!
  • Indeed 69mm!

    posted by ahjo79

    Indeed as per described as long as 69mm. When I first wore it, it was wOw! Love it instantly but it was attracting far too much attention especially when I am a guy wearing this. I guess it's ok for ladies to wear this but it comes as a single stud so for ladies you might want to get 2
    Had wanted to purchase 81667 at http://www.dx.com/p/multi-use-ear-belly-button-pin-black-81667 instead but it was out of stock.
    Nice and appealing! Get it if you are a ear stud collector!
  • some interesting tools

    posted by MasterPython

    These bamboo tools are pretty hard to find and the shipping cost is often more than the tool costs at other place.
    If they just had the bamboo pick and the feather brush alone I would buy more. There are combos of these tools out there and they would be a great new product.
    When I break these I will probably buy some of the other ear tools on the site rather than another set of these.

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