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This is our best steel chain, they all share a great design and great prices. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

steel chain Customers Reviews

  • you should have this with your keys

    posted by boomerangfreak

    looks like a house key from a distant completely blends in with other keysvery well madedecent blade length nice polished look the blade fits snugly
    it may be possible to hide the blade more but that will most likely result in a very bad flimsy blade
    if u are looking for a little knife for on your'e keys this is it it has the best combinations of looks and quality (as far as I know)and it is a lot safer to carry than sku.46025
  • Good product for the bicycle chain

    posted by codreanulaura15

    I have used this item to open the chain of my bicycle. It is quite good this tool, because when you break the chain into pieces, you will want to be able to put it back also easily.
    The materials are resistant, and good. It it not very heavy, but it is durable.
    I recommend this thing if you want to change / repair or even clean very well your chain!
  • Cheap and great

    posted by paloay

    Cheap, hard, long enougth for initiaties. Good grip. Cool.Good for martial arts instruction or just for the fun of it.
    I still didn´t practice hiting hard objects, but is hard metal so it should work fine.
    Proud to had bougth it, if you like weapons or martial arts go for it. Obviously if you are an hiper-martial arts expert this is not your wushu, but for normal people with few dollars to expend is great.
  • Beatiful, elegant & very cool!

    posted by JulioCASilva

    Small(not tiny), beatiful, elegant... this pocket watch seems to have a good quality. Is not that difficult to open it up but with 4 or 5 tries, you'll got it.The tiny details do make it seems like an old clock. The color also makes it look very nice.
    I(and various friends) liked it very much. It adds a grave tone to your apparel.
    It is very well noticed, don't matter the place I pull it out of my pocket - it's almost impossible it doesn't call attentions to it.
  • Neat but small.

    posted by Astrogoth

    Not expensive.
    Well made.
    Nice looking.
    Heavy for such a small watch.
    Pops open with a button push like real pocket watches.
    Quality metal and blue inlay.
    Even has a mirror inside.
    Put a thicker chain on it and maybe a watch fob too and you'll sell more.
    Still, it's a nice solid little watch.
    It's well worth it. Replace the chain and it's good to go.

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