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steel butane lighter

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steel butane lighter Customers Reviews

  • Good coal lighter

    posted by Reaper_HvyArms

    it has a switch that locks the gas output in open mode, when lit you can use it and light up that stubborn coal of your water pipe (narguile). the transparent gas chamber helps to know when the gas is running low
    hard to add anymore thoughts, since is a simple lighter and works really well with a high gas capacity and a gas lock, makes it really great for its purpose
    this is a torch lighter, used to light coal, not cigarettes. a cigarette user might feel a diference on the taste of it when lit this way due to the high temperature
  • Windproof Stainless Butane Jet Torch

    posted by HeruDK

    Nice Looking Honest Windproof Stainless steel Butane Jet Torch Lighter w/ Key Ring, It's very tiny but very helpfull. excellent fire burn, using simple butane gas that can be buy at any store.
    Can be an excellent tools for someone that fixed / service air conditioner maybe ?
    Excellent tiny tools. Easy & helpfull tools. The perfect butane jet torch for its money. So far the product has behaved flawlessly
  • Fantastic Lighter

    posted by greenmetalflake

    Solidly built of high-quality materials with excellent fit & finish. A gem, there is nothing cheap appearing about it. You must manually open the valve then strike the flint wheel to fire it. As a normal, daily use lighter for a smoker that could be an inconvenience. If you carry it while hiking or in a backpack, that is a bonus. There is little chance of the lighter discharging fuel as it moves around.
    It has an adjustable flame height control on the bottom. You can adjust flame from ~0.25" to ~3.00" with it. To change the flint you must slide the striker wheel assembly out of the case with your fingernail. Fuel capacity is probably about the same as a typical disposable lighter. I used a standard red-top Ronson can to refuel the Jobon with no problems.
    Great lighter, I would buy it again.
  • great thin refillable lighter that lasts

    posted by ddissett

    I love these lighters for several reasons: * nice size for carrying in a pocket * they stay lit while they're open; don't have to keep pressing anything * they've all continued working until lost, stolen, or given away * they cost less than two disposables but are refillable so last much longer - much less waste
    I tell someone "Its like a Zippo" when I hand it to them and then they figure it out pretty quick.
    Just ordered three more. I've never thrown one of these away because it stopped working -- can't say that about most lighters I've owned.
  • A nice lighter

    posted by mastertriangle

    Looks great, a nice mechanism that opens and closes when you press the slide down.Good strength adjustable flame (as usual), reliable lighting every time (so far).Mesh is quite solid with a finer mesh behind it to stop dirt getting in.
    You need to adjust the flame setting to get a good flame that lights reliably, sometimes a little sticky but works fine.
    A nice lighter, become at least 20% cooler.


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