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steel bottle vacuum

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steel bottle vacuum Customers Reviews

  • useful and cheap

    posted by vangogh1853

    It works well in insulation.It can keep hot or cold water for a long time. And it looks like a bullet ,cool. i think it suitable for outdoor activities. I bought it because I was planning to go a 4 days travel and I needed something to keep the tea hot during the trip. This one is really good cuz after 4 hours the tea still very warm.
    The outlet switch can be dismantled for cleaning.That’s great and easy to keep healthy.
    good, I like it.
  • Great Thermic bottle

    posted by WileCoyote

    That´s a very good quality bottle. It´s made of stainless steel and has a great finish.It can keep you drinks cool in the summer or hot in the spring for many hours.I have made a test, putting boiling water into it and then I kept it closed until the day after.After 12 hours or so, I opened the bottle and water was still burning.
    Seller should improve the post package to avoid damaging the bottle, because post office doesn´t use to handle the goods with care.I think they should sell it with other color options such as green, blue, or even camo finish.
    Fantastic thermic bottle. Really works great
  • Awesome Bottle

    posted by Ieyasu

    It's stainless Steel. More healthy than drinking from a plastic bottle. I have one from my office and besides the healthy container it keeps drinks colder (didn't try it on hot drinks)
    The price could be lower. It's only 500 ml. DX should have a larger one. 750ml or 1000 ml. People should realize how dangerous is drinking from plastic bottles, specially the ones that are use for selling water
    It's a great bottle, I have on my office and use it everyday. The price could be lower, but in my country this kind of bottles cost 4 times more
  • good and useful

    posted by vangogh1853

    It looks cool and has good quality. I love the thermometer on the top, it's very useful. It directly tells me the tempreture of water so I can adjust a suitable tempreture .Even the empty cup can show the indoor tempreture .when I took it to my office, my colleauges said it's worth to buy !
    The cup is streamline designed,so it’s ergonomic to grip comfortably
    very satify
  • Not too good

    posted by nallic

    Cheap, looks nice. (but does not really do the work)
    It might be just my pump which is defective. I have another pump and just use the corks, they seem ok, but I would buy another wine saver product if I need another set of corks.
    Wine savers work! - but this is not the right product.

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