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  • not perfect but good enough

    posted by damaguz

    While is not the best controller in the market, this one is a solid joystick to build a arcade controller, mid-range price for a arcade Joystick (there is another from DX cheaper than this one, but is not that expensive as a sanwa.-)
    ok, i do not own the SKU 37485 (yet) but i do have SKU 26910 which its joystick is exacly the same (al least in pictures) to SKU 37485, so let me tell you this stick is better than the one SKU 26910 have, it migh not be as good as sanwa but the price is fair enough to get it.-
    if sanwa and seimitsu are gold
    happ competition is silver
    this one is a very solid bronze
    but this are just my preferences.-
  • a cool Stainless Steel Slingshot Launcher with Six Steel Balls - Silver

    posted by GabrielCapote

    a very cool Stainless Steel Slingshot Launcher with Six Steel Balls - Silver
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    a very cool whit a thin elastic Stainless Steel Slingshot Launcher with Six Steel Balls - Silver
  • Nice Slingshot

    posted by fpaschoal

    - Build quality
    - Design of frame
    - Easy to attach rubber **
    I was looking for a slingshot like the 'Eagle' style frame. This one is exactly the same, but very cheap compared to the eagle one.
    I recommend to change the rubber band and the pouch to another rubber band ( medium ), a little bit larger than that and a bigger pouch too.
    To attach the rubber band into the slingshot, you need to use a small ball, putting it inside the rubber band and attaching into the role.
    * I am using the common airshot gun balls, it fits very good into the role of the frame and the rubber stay very good attached with it.
    I will buy one more slingshot like this to my son.
  • Why not for this price

    posted by zoidie

    Price at first and last. I could try concave bearing for fraction of the price. Your yoyo will be realy different toy.
    If you want try it, then just buy it for this price. If you are searching for precision bearing go away. My piece is loud bearing with poor construction and inaccurate gaps between parts. Good enough for toy.
    Don't have concave bearing? Try it for this price.
  • Back to Basics

    posted by KarlV

    This is what a slingshot should be.
    No special features like elbow support or targetting systems, that can break off but a sturdy, robust Y-shapped frame with an souple elastic band.
    I don't see this breaking down soon.
    Because of this, the price is also ok as you do not have to pay for any superfluous stuff.
    Ideal to scare off pigeons w/o inflicting injuries.
    I can not yet make a definite statement on the lifespan of the elastic band but it seems to hold nicely.
    I'm glad I did not go for any of the more fancier variants that are also available.
    As said, back to basics, keep it simple, no worries that it will snap and hit you in the face.

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