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steel ashtray Customers Reviews

  • Very useful to avoid dust on your couch/floor/sofa

    posted by stgioia

    I live in the last floor of a tall building, so we have some strong winds. When i am smoking with the windows open, sometimes tobacco dust falls on the ground, sofa or in the table and it's a real mess. Not to mention the smell of the cigarette butts when i am using regular (open) ashtrays. With this ashtray, i just cover it and there's no smell.
    Minor cons, overall quality is ok.
    Minor cons, overall quality is ok.
  • nice ashtray, looks solid

    posted by pokeraitis

    -great design-metal and leather details-has open/close function
    So I imagined it a bit bigger. For one person it's quite ok, and you have to clean it quite rarely. But if you have companies often, or live with more smoking people, it will be too small for you. The closing function is also nice, the smell does not go out. However, after using it everyday for several month, it broke. I think it is because I used it often, not because it was made badly.
    Buy it, if you will use it as 1 or 2 persons, not for bigger companies.
  • Perfect ashtray for all smoker

    posted by Indy1T0

    - Large enough to hold a lot of ash and butts
    - You can sit your cigarette on the top
    - Separable top and bottom, Easy to clean
    - The leather is kinda useless other than for the looks, I hope it's not flammable
    - The bottom container is actually made of metal
    - Not sure if it is durable or not, but if the top breaks, you can still use the bottom container as an ashtray
    Buy it! It's better than SKU 26951
    But anyways, we should all stop smoking
  • Nice pen holder

    posted by gmauch

    It's a nice pen holder. It has a good number of holes, so you won't need any more pens than it can hold. It is all made of metal and seems to be a good quality. The writings are also well painted.
    The product is also sold as an ashtray. Even though I haven't used it in this way, I can't figure out a way to lay a cigarette in there! If you put it in a hole, it will fall down the can and there's is no round-shaped edge where you can put it in a stable way.
    It's a good pen holder. It does what it is supposed to do and look like the pictures. Not sure that its a good ashtray.

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