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  • GOD God

    posted by gomerdo

    It is well built and well secure. Even stuck in the wrist you have the freedom to work, has a good length of wire. The claw holds up well on the surface desired.
    ESD is an invisible hazard that does real damages . If you don' t like to destroy the circuit that you was looking to repair , probably you need it .
    Great product for a great price... If you work with electronics, but it!
  • An essential tool for electronics

    posted by Shannoes

    The elastic is nice and snug, the cable clips onto the snap very securely, and the alligator clip is good & strong. The wire is generously long so you don't feel like you're always stretching it to reach for something. The price is amazing.
    Most other antistatic wrist straps come in a light blue colour, so it's actually refreshing to find one that comes in another colour.
    My last wrist strap lasted me nearly 20 years. I'm hoping this one will give me just as much long service.
  • Does what it's designed for

    posted by Jangle

    I don't know how I'm going to fill up the required characters with this review of such a simple and easy to use little device such as this. I use it when PC building and have had no problems with it building two PC's now. Easy to use. Relatively comfortable. Coiled cable is a good idea and works well.
    I only gave it 4 stars for usefulness because it doesn't get used that often, and it's not something you really need - there are other ways to earth yourself, but at this price you might as well use it.
  • looks good, fits good

    posted by matijainspace

    Very cheap and nice Static Dissipative Wrist Strap. It has two straps, for now the first one looks like it's gonna last for a long time. I'm gonna use it for laptop repair so this it much better solution then the Static Dissipative Wrist Strap with ground wire.
    I used it a few times so far, i don't know how effective it is....
    Cheap, useful hand tool and for 1.79 sounds like a good buy to me. If you have a static discharge problems, this will solve it.

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