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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase star pack here and you can save money at the same time. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.

star pack Customers Reviews

  • good gift for little girls

    posted by eiggam

    - looks nice- i brought it as a gift for a little girl who loved it- cheap and good price for gifts and any present stuffer
    - i gave one away, and keeped the other one.. but i took that one apart and used the stars as a decoration on my phone.. looks good on that! =)
    - little girls would like it, but be warned, it's cheap material and lightweight.. seems like plastic
  • Good Idea

    posted by colinsbar

    makes the home button stand outdifferent colors and styles6 in a packetalso good for those with medium to long fingernailsjust the right size, it doesn't overlap the home button
    with your i-pad 2 in a cover it can be a little hard to get your finger in the home button divot - these little gems solve that issuecould be made with footy teams, car makes etc
    I would recommenda nifty simple little gadget that makes your i-pad usage easierI'm a happy customer
  • Serial Board for MC-E

    posted by oBoBo

    If you need to wire up a Cree MC-E in series this is the best way and you get a thermal path as well.
    The board is marked with the name of a well known Electronics Distributor A***w Lighting (See Photo)
    2 Positive and 2 Negative pads for connecting to power.
    And Super BIG PRO is it SHINES
    Flip it over even more shine!
    Lots of other people are selling parrallel boards but I only found serial boards here at DX. Its better to run multiple LEDs(dies) in serial because the forward voltage of each can vary. So if they're in parrallel on a constant current they all get the same voltage too but they don't all run at the same output then, power is wasted at the LED waste equals heat. Heat is bad. So parrallel hates LED. Use serial.
    Buy it for running your Super Shiney LED in series
  • Recommended

    posted by Omicron01

    The amount of 1 gram is the right capacity for home users that use it two or three times. The injection tube is great an usefull to put the right quantity of grease.
    I've a store and this product with 1 gram comes great for home users. Of course, if you are a technicians you must buy bigger one.
    It's not the best grese but it does its job especially considering its low price. Sure, I will buy again.
  • Good connection board for multiple emitters.

    posted by solar5

    Price: 5
    I gave these star connection boards a 5 on price because they are very inexpensive. Worth the money.
    Ease of use: 5
    As far as ease of use goes, you can't get it much simpler than this. Simply apply heatsync compound, place the LED onto the connection board, and solder the contacts. Now you ready to install the LED into the your circuit.
    Build quality: 5
    The quality is good. I have used 45 of these star connection boards to date and have never had any problems.
    Usefulness: 5
    This is very useful product when it comes to mounting power LEDs. Without them proper mounting and use would be difficult.
    Overall Rating: 5
    I gave these an overall rating of 5 because they serve a very important function in connecting power LEDs into a circuit, help to dissipate heat, and they do so at a very inexpensive price. Good value.
    Every serious LED hobbyist need to have a few of these on hand.
    I have a lot of projects that I can use these star connection boards in. I will be purchasing many more in the future.


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