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star light led Customers Reviews

  • Add a bit of sparkle.....

    posted by djbreau

    This fun little item assists with increasing visiblity but also can be added to any wheel, on bikes, cars etc. etc. They are bright and work well based on motion so the y don't burn the batteries really fast.
    Change the plastic to something a bit stronger.
    Well worth it for fun or safety, kids will love adding these to bikes. :)The lights inside change in a random pattern but become a fun blur as you pedal faster, creating a cool effect/streak
  • Good LEDs for storage lighting

    posted by Plutohunden

    Two 5W LEDs in series (6,5V+6,5V=13V), which makses it suitable for connection to a 12V lead battery, which is kept at little above 13Volts with continuous charging. I have used several pairs of these for getting light into a storage room. Use of pairs of 5W LEDS instead of 10W LEDs give better spread of the light. Connect to aluminium blocks for cooling.
    Be careful not to let any objects touch the lens during use; The lens of the LED will melt and be deformed. (Even with deformed and melted lens the device will work without noticable effects in my application.)
    Good and powerful LEDs. Price acceptable; however the 10W LEDs from DealExtreme give even more light for the money.

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