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  • Great GPS for Hobbyists

    posted by tcampanate

    - It's cheap.
    - Has a Buit-in antenna.
    - Small.
    - Came with a 6 pin cable.
    - Has a led that helps to identify if your wiring is correct or not.
    - It's very easy to find documentations over the internet.
    - Fixing time is faster than from my cellphone as is it's signal quality.
    You can set the baudrate at any value you want with SirfDemo
    It's easy to use with arduinos. You can use the existing library for NMEA protocols and you are good to go.
    This one is exactly the same as EM-406 but with RX and TX pins inverted.
    Works with 5v.
    PT - BR :
    Ótimo gps e muito barato. O tempo para conectar com os satélites é muito pequeno e possui um sinal melhor que o gps do meu celular.
    Você encontra uma library para utilizá-lo com arduino, então fica muito fácil mesmo de botar pra funcionar!
    If you are looking a very cheap and ready to use gps for arduino, this is the one!
  • Will be upgrading a few more lights with these!

    posted by techjunkie

    Super bright, great white tint, much easier to focus then P7.
    Use a good ceramic or metal thermal compound, not silicone. Power consumption is not as great as the manufacturer states. My MC-E and P7 emitters only pull 1.4A direct driven from a single 18650. Fancy 2.8A regulators are not necessary. The good news is you get ~2hrs runtime of a single 18650.
    Probably the best upgrade you can give to any CREE torch that can handle the heat and power consumption.
  • Good connection board for multiple emitters.

    posted by solar5

    Price: 5
    I gave these star connection boards a 5 on price because they are very inexpensive. Worth the money.
    Ease of use: 5
    As far as ease of use goes, you can't get it much simpler than this. Simply apply heatsync compound, place the LED onto the connection board, and solder the contacts. Now you ready to install the LED into the your circuit.
    Build quality: 5
    The quality is good. I have used 45 of these star connection boards to date and have never had any problems.
    Usefulness: 5
    This is very useful product when it comes to mounting power LEDs. Without them proper mounting and use would be difficult.
    Overall Rating: 5
    I gave these an overall rating of 5 because they serve a very important function in connecting power LEDs into a circuit, help to dissipate heat, and they do so at a very inexpensive price. Good value.
    Every serious LED hobbyist need to have a few of these on hand.
    I have a lot of projects that I can use these star connection boards in. I will be purchasing many more in the future.


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