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stainless tools Customers Reviews

  • Pretty good

    posted by johanva

    Multi-function:-Can opener: Works-Knife: Very dull blade. You will not be ble to cut yourself even it you try alot. But if you sharpen it then it might be effective.-Screwdriver: Flat (not Philips). Ok, but very "wedgey". You need to push alot while turning the screw or the screwdriver will leve the groove.-Ruler: Woks ok.-Bottle opener: Works great.-Hex wrench: There are 6 different sizes.-Adjustable spanner: I cant find this feature.-Saw: Small, but it does the job. Good idea is to were a glove when using it.-Direction indicator: How this will work I dont undertans?-Position wrench: I cant find this feature.-Round hole: True, there is a hole in the corner to put a rope, etc through.
    Cheeper than a Victorinox but not as good. Verry durable.
    Good considering the price. But not something I would trust my life with.
  • Not bad

    posted by Veltnar

    The quality of a product is ok. Has a fork, spoon, wine, bottle and can openers, cutting edge and awl.
    Not bad product for the price, but could be better.
    The spoon is rather flat and fork is not too sharp, weight is rather heavy, but it is a good multifunctional tool. I recommend it to buy.
  • awesome for the price

    posted by animalito

    The sheath it is ok, with two positions for the belt, verticaly or horizontaly way. The steel is simply ok, but for the money its great. Every uses are ok, well made and useful. the philips screwdriver is well made and works great. The knife is sharp and the file is ok. The locks works!!! I see a lot of gerber copys and the locks does not work on them... This is ok.
    Only a few dollars for a fullsized Gerber EOD!!! It is cheap and works... ¿really do you need to know more? Buy it!!!
    I have a lot of friends whose like one. Everyone ask me where i buyed it!!!
  • Get your moneys worth

    posted by LeftX

    It looks really good. The joints are very sturdy. This is not cheaply made. Pretty cheap price.
    I got it to put on my keys so I would always have a light and pliers with me, however, because it was so small, some day you'll forget to take it off at a sporting event, amusement park, or airport and have it taken from you.
    Should have bought two.
  • very sharp precision knife

    posted by debackerarnout

    This is a very sharp precision knife, in the same style they use in hospitals. Normally it is hard to get knives like this but dx is always an easy way to order.Very sharp, very strong and easy to work withstay nice in the hand
    hard cover plastic in stead op the bag it is in now
    very strong and sharp precision knife. Very usefull


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