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  • Rugged, stable, reliable

    posted by klocken

    Stable fitting, long straps, no way of falling off. Rigid camera fitting, no way the camera will fall. Comfortable enough for this type of (waist) fitting
    With som fiddling, the secure button may be removed, without any major increase in risk of loosing the camera (one will probably need to stand up side down for that to happen. This however would "destroy" the belt, with warranty disqualifications etc...). I will probably do so as soon as I felt the need to extremely quick switch camera to the one in the belt, using only one hand.
    Awesome addition to every photographer with no time of changing lenses. Sturdy, impressive in its quality and ruggedness.
  • thank DX

    posted by maritoicey

    good replacement Stainless Steel Screws Pack for iPhone 4 all the screws of the iPhone are their camera screws, motherboard screws etc.. when i open my iPhone I lost some original screws but with this I can replace it with no problem :)
    recommend to have pliers to take the screws because with the fingers its very stressful XD
    good screws get it worth the prize and its very hard to find screws like that specially for the iPhone 4
  • Works/Looks perfect

    posted by caminando

    It's great for kitchen soap and bathroom liquid soap. IT IS STAINLESS, a little water takes off any stain. Looks very nice, especially when you have a sober decoration with neutral colors.
    I got two in the package and I'm pretty sure the description didn't mention a second. Anyhow, I'm very happy with the product.
    If you were looking for one of these, this one is recommended.
  • useful and cheap

    posted by vangogh1853

    It works well in insulation.It can keep hot or cold water for a long time. And it looks like a bullet ,cool. i think it suitable for outdoor activities. I bought it because I was planning to go a 4 days travel and I needed something to keep the tea hot during the trip. This one is really good cuz after 4 hours the tea still very warm.
    The outlet switch can be dismantled for cleaning.That’s great and easy to keep healthy.
    good, I like it.
  • Cool bracelet for men

    posted by mhogeling

    I looks exactly like the picture, so you'll get what you see. It not heavy, wears just fine! Quality looks really sturdy. It won't fall off if you cough on it.
    Worth the buy for cheap, good bracelet. Already had several people asking me where i bought it. Mine was a bit to big, but thats because i have very thin wrists. But this was really easy to fix and now i wear it daily.
    Looks good, wears nice. You can't go wrong with it!

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