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These cool stainless steel tweezers are high quality and at affordable prices. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. Try browsing stainless steel tank, stainless steel pot. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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stainless steel tweezers Customers Reviews

  • Recommended!

    posted by mongman

    Very good quality tweezers. A million and one uses around the house or at work. Very cheap.
    My wife bought a pair of Tweezerman tweezers for the "discounted" price of $20. That's expensive for tweezers anyway but there is no discernable quality difference between these and hers. These tweezers are very sharp and accurate.
    I'd recommend these to anyone. One pair around the house will come in useful for any number of reasons. For the price I would've said get them just in case, but I'm so impressed with the quality of these that these are a must for any household's First Aid kit or tool chest.
  • Good value for $0.70 a tweezer

    posted by sf155

    - You get four in the bundle
    - Nice chrome finish with etched grips
    - Point and blades are sharp
    - Instead of bundling four identical tweezers, DealExtreme shouldoffer two slanted and two straight
    - Mine differ slightly than pictured: stamped with "Cairou", red pouch is labelled "COLOURSOFT" and the retainer rings are pink hearts
    - These tweezers are good quality and priced right
    - Four of the same is overkill, but handy to give away or use in different settings
  • Good Inexpensive Watchmakers No 4 Tweezers!

    posted by Parrotile

    Really good forceps - Watchmaker's No 4 profile - and scarily identical to the "genuine" Swiss ones I have bought (for $25!) in the past . . . . The important features of grind quality and tip profile are all there - these are REALLY well made - and they appear to be 316 Stainless too. Definitely non-magnetic / non magnetisable, and very well balanced.
    Seem as good as the "Genuine Swiss" ones I've bought in the past for 10 x the cost (excluding the postage!) Fabrication quality is good, tips match up and there are no rough edges, so definitely a good buy, and a purchase I'll be repeating!
    As good as the Swiss "Market Leader" brand for less than a tenth of the price. Tip finish & geometry is excellent and at this price it's not worth resharpening once they become blunt! Definitely a very good buy!
  • Great Sharp Tweezers!

    posted by rjkoharik

    Good textured grip
    Solid holding power
    Heavy weight stainless steel
    Protective cap for storage
    Great pair of precision tweezers. I got these to work on electronics and to pull the occasional splinter. I was surprised to find that these are of the same quality as the medical grade ones we use at work. when squeezed together both teeth line up perfectly and easily grip. I liked the protective cap that came on them and I will keep it for storage.
    Great buy. I will probably buy a few more of these in the other shapes. I probably would not use these to remove splinters until I sanitize them.
  • Excellent product

    posted by GordonGecco

    Very high quality, fully comparable to my expensive Bernstein tweezes (+$30) that I use professionally. These WeiTus tweezers are apparently produced by Regine in Switzerland that are known for making high quality precision tools. The tweezers are also made of a non-magnetic stainless steel so it won’t pick up any annoying magnetism from others tools or equipment you are working on.
    The spring action of the tweezers are a bit on the hard side but maybe that's just me being used to working with other tools, its definitely nothing an hobbyist would be concerned about.
    These tweezers are perfect for SMD-soldering and fine mechanical works. I’m extremely impressed by the quality and precision of these tweezers and for very little money any hobbyist can get a set of professional grade tools. I also recommend that you get the full set of tweezers in this WeiTus line, DX carries eight different models that can be found at: sku.19868, sku.19872, sku.19873, sku.19870, sku.19871, sku.19869, sku.19867 and sku.19866.

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