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stainless steel straight

On this page, you can find a wide selection of stainless steel straight. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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stainless steel straight Customers Reviews

  • good quality tweezers

    posted by bobomastoras

    stainless steel tweezers. Tips are properly grinded to sharp edges. The tips are well aligned and do not slip sideways if pressure is applied . The thickness of the steel handles is 1 to 1.5 millimeters.
    A more fine-grained sanding paper would be the finishing touch on these tweezers.
    These tweezers are doing a good job at what they are meant to do: tweezing :-). You can't go wrong with a set of these!
  • Beautiful classic shaver

    posted by dagjess

    Made from solid stainless steel, wood and brass. Probably not the ideal shaving tool anno 2013. Back in the days all shaved men had one of these.
    It is very hard to sharpen any knife for shaving. Stainless steel might not be the right material for this level if sharpening. Used it for shaving the hair on my neandertal back, which is hard to reach.
    Beautiful knifeu. Any real man should have one of these in my opinion. Nice cut throat item.
  • good quality

    posted by stefanranit

    Ordered this for my dogs ear hear, and it works fine. Finished material and nice color. Size should be longer, because it's not 18cm, rather it's 15cm but not too big for not recommend. Easy to clean.
    I am happy with this goods. It is really useful, good quality making, and I bought 2 of these.
    Usefull tool for what it is intended. Very recommendable for price.
  • Good value and well Made

    posted by kjparker

    *Uses cheap, readily available blades*Very Cheap*Very well made*uses same blade retention method of other Shavettes (eg Parker)
    Uses a half DE blade which can be purchased just about anywhere both online and in stores. Some people may have trouble with preparing the blade, as you need to snap it in half prior to inserting.Simplest way is with a pair of sturdy nail scissors, and carefully snip each end of the blade in the middle.Gives (for me) as good as a shave as a real straight, with the caveat that it takes me longer, due to the shorter blade.
    If you have an interest in straight shaving, but a low budget, this is worth a shot.Dont buy the blades recomended in the listing however, as they are the incorrect ones.
  • Extremely high-precision tweezer; great value

    posted by fruzzetti

    The single best purchase I've made on DX, and that goes versus a lot of other great purchases.
    High precision tweezer can grab things you can't even see reliably.
    Bonded appropriately, forceps meet perfectly at a tiny point.
    Sharp tips.
    Good traction.
    They resist bending away at the point of intersection because they're spring-tempered
    All-metal design means you can drop them in boiling water ~2min to sterilize them if necessary (for example for pulling out an ingrown hair)
    Best. Purchase. Ever.

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