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On this page, you can find a wide selection of stainless steel straight. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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stainless steel straight Customers Reviews

  • Stainless Steel Precision Tweezer Set

    posted by GrAnd

    They have very sharp ends for precision operations. The price.
    They are not to hard work indeed.
  • Sweeny Toddisms Razor

    posted by normanchee

    Its HUGE!!!!This Vintage straight Razor has a large long blade thats honed sharp. Looks like the one used by Johnny Depp in Sweeny Todd. Totally beautiful and true collector item. For $15 its pretty cheap seeing as the prop knives are selling for $200 after the release of the Sweeny Todd. Its not like the regular razors that you see in used in old westerns. its edge is longer than those.
    Beautiful, well built and truly one to keep for all knife and blade collectors.
  • Steel Clips multipurpose medium accuracy

    posted by guerraguillermo

    The manufacture is of good quality and robust. Made of stainless steel which makes it very durable. Incorporates very useful finger grip.The ends come together perfectly, no spaces between them. The packaging is also very good quality, a hard clear plastic with a hologram to prove it is an original piece WeiTus
    Very useful for precision work on electronics and other activities where our fingers are too big. The plastic handle can be removed if we want given that this is fixed with two screws. Particularly the use for repair of computers and notebooks and it is very useful.
    Quality and low price, recommended
  • Excellent product

    posted by GordonGecco

    Very high quality, fully comparable to my expensive Bernstein tweezes (+$30) that I use professionally. These WeiTus tweezers are apparently produced by Regine in Switzerland that are known for making high quality precision tools. The tweezers are also made of a non-magnetic stainless steel so it won’t pick up any annoying magnetism from others tools or equipment you are working on.
    The spring action of these tweezers are a bit on the hard side but maybe it’s just me being used to working with another brand, its definitely nothing an hobbyist would be concerned about.
    These tweezers are perfect for SMD-soldering and fine mechanical works. I’m extremely impressed by the quality of these tweezers and for very little money any hobbyist can get a set of professional grade tools. I would also recommend that you get the full set of tweezers in this WeiTus line, the eight models DX offer can be found at: sku.19868, sku.19872, sku.19873, sku.19870, sku.19871, sku.19869, sku.19867 and sku.19866. ($18.40 for eight quality tweezers can only be described as a complete STEAL!)
  • Folding Straight Razor for Disposable Blades

    posted by hkhadim

    Good quality build, I purchased this to replace an old plastic shavette that I rarely used due to its poor quality. This unit has some weight to it, but its not too heavy. There is a clasp for the blade insert which is snug but not too sticky.
    I only use this for shaping/carving the lines of my beard/goatee. I still use an electric trimmer for managing beard length and carving base-lines, and a Schick Quatro for shaving the face and neck.
    For the price you can't lose. I have a friend who has a similar shavette in size, construction, and weight and he spent close to $40 so for $5 its a no brainer. Just buy QUALITY Platinum coated DE blades, like Merkur or Astra.


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