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On this page, you can find a wide selection of stainless steel straight. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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stainless steel straight Customers Reviews

  • Sweeny Toddisms Razor

    posted by normanchee

    Its HUGE!!!!This Vintage straight Razor has a large long blade thats honed sharp. Looks like the one used by Johnny Depp in Sweeny Todd. Totally beautiful and true collector item. For $15 its pretty cheap seeing as the prop knives are selling for $200 after the release of the Sweeny Todd. Its not like the regular razors that you see in used in old westerns. its edge is longer than those.
    Beautiful, well built and truly one to keep for all knife and blade collectors.
  • Great looking but not useful straight away

    posted by svindler

    Very solid blade and solid handle and overall very nice looking. Actually very decorative.Much better quality than expected.
    You can use it as a decorative item in the bathroom, if you don't know how to sharpen the blade.You can also use it as a letter opener.If you want to, you could use it as a kids toy, after making sure that the blade is dull. Even though it is not sharp enough to shave, it is definitely too sharp for a toy.
    I will probably, at some time, take the time to sharpen the blade but for now, I'll stay with my safety razor.
  • CHEAP and Excellent Quality Duck-Bill Forceps

    posted by Parrotile

    Excellent material quality and finish: tip grind is excellent under magnification, and balance is perfect. Steel quality is as stated - seems to be 316 Stainless - and for the price these are a very good buy indeed.
    I'll be buying these again - I've bought quite a few of the WeiTus forceps and they are quality indistinguishable from the Swiss market leaders! The Duck-bill profile is not a common profile, so is usually REALLY dear!
    Genuine stainless brushed finish specialist tip-profile forceps. These represent extremely good value for money and are a must buy if you need a quality instrument for miniature engineering / modelling work!
  • Very good

    posted by ptgomes

    Top quality Tweezers. very precise and comfortable to use. Same goods acquired in Europe will cots around 70€ each
    Very useful in a biology lab, to manipulate small structures and organisms. it requires very delicate handling. It has very sharp/fine blades. You can not use this for every task. This is only for very fine components our small objects (you can grab a copepod antenna with it)
    I'm re-ordering more and I've recommended it to friends and colleagues. Absolutely more than worth the money you pay for it.
  • Weitus antimagnetic tweezers are superb

    posted by mmjjookk

    Really good build quality. You can see in photos i uploaded that imperfection is lees than diameter of my hair (blond European, so not very large in diameter). Seems good alloy, anti-magnetic as it says, in good hand's can become extremely worthy. You can really use it professionaly as it comes.
    be sure you won't get is as new top brand tweezers, but build quality is more than acceptable. It's better than old ones (top brand and highly expensive) in my work.
    Look at the price. Be sure you won't get is as new top brand tweezers, but build quality is more than acceptable.


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