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stainless steel smoke pipe

If you want to purchase stainless steel smoke pipe, this is your best place to buy it. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.

stainless steel smoke pipe Customers Reviews

  • looks great

    posted by LarryKidkil

    this thing looks great almost exacly like the real boltI recieved it after using bolts this exact size all week at work. made me laugh. very compact
    i bought this just for a joke and im pleasantly surprised definately getting some more for my friends
    cheap construction but looks great. its what you would expect for the price
  • Great pipe Czech tool.

    posted by BlokNineSeven

    A great little pipe tool. Small in size, easilly drops into the pocket for taking out and about, at a very good price when compared to in a retail shop. The ring is very snug, so it does not flop around when you try to use it (like the other style) and it can be attached to a keyring. The spoon has a great shape, and the design on the tamper is appealing. The tamper end itself is a good size for most pipe bowls.
    With a slightly longer spike and a thinner spoon this would be a perfect tool.
    A great "on the road" tamper to keep with you when out on the town. Affordable, compact, and effective. The price beats out local stores and the quality is pretty much on par. Worth it to buy multiples and keep a spare in a coat or in the car.
  • Excellent price

    posted by bratescu1

    I have the exact same product bought in store for triple the price.This is very good battery - nice finish on it.It has a very elegant look.
    Battery last long, charges fast.You should always buy pairs of 2, always have 1 charged.
    Excellent product, very nice priced, however the delivery is very very slow.DX has packaged the products very fast but China Post is terribly slow.2 months to have the products in my hand is a little too much.
  • Good battery

    posted by shrike73

    The battery feels very nice in the hand,and it looks very cool. The black rubbery finish is awesome. It lasts 2 days for me,and i smoke real much,so i guess for a normal user it could last even 3 days. When you open the battery,you can see that the wires inside are better quality,and fixed much better than some others i had the opportunity to see
    The inside of the battery is done fine,if you accidentally get the battery open,which happens with all batteries mostly,you have a good chance you wont break some of the wires.
    Good battery,not sure for the price if its too expensive comparing to other ones in this range,but i also do not care much,the most important thing is its a reliable battery and works awesome. if you buy it,it wont be a mistake for sure

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