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stainless steel shave Customers Reviews

  • Beautiful classic shaver

    posted by dagjess

    Made from solid stainless steel, wood and brass. Probably not the ideal shaving tool anno 2013. Back in the days all shaved men had one of these.
    It is very hard to sharpen any knife for shaving. Stainless steel might not be the right material for this level if sharpening. Used it for shaving the hair on my neandertal back, which is hard to reach.
    Beautiful knifeu. Any real man should have one of these in my opinion. Nice cut throat item.
  • Nice Item

    posted by Nishiman

    Is a nice looking razor. I bought it because of that and wanted to try it.It looks great and feels great.Is also great for a present to a friend.
    Is a nice item. For me it wasn´t expensive.It was a good buy.I didn´t thought that the razor will be deliver without a problem... ITS A RAZOR, but it was deliver without delays or anything, that was weir, je.
    For decoration is great. I don´t know much about use, but I´ll give it a try. My friends love it.
  • Straight Razor Review

    posted by Steiner1000

    It has a nice feel to it and is balanced so that if you put your finger on the rivet closest to the blade the razor will balance. It has reasonable wood scales but not great.
    DO NOT TRY AND SHAVE WITH THIS OUT OF THE BOX. It needs to be honed and stropped. If you don't know what I am saying don't buy this you will just hurt yourself!
    Buy this only if you know how to hone a blade with 6000 to 10000 wetstone, and then have a leather and canvas strop to dress it with. Too dull for Todd Sweeney.
  • Good blades.

    posted by roger1533

    -Big blades, good size.-Good for shaving, not just cut hair.-Each blade comes with a safety clip.-Small package doesn't take much space in the drawer.-The safety clip makes easy to use the blade without a razor.
    Before buying this blades, be sure that they fit in your straight razor. If you use the blades for a small and delicate job, this big blades may not be for you.
    Good blade kit, comes in a small and simple box. Good for a big facial shaving. Sometimes is hard to take out the safety clip, but with time it's just get very easy.
  • Great looking but not useful straight away

    posted by svindler

    Very solid blade and solid handle and overall very nice looking. Actually very decorative.Much better quality than expected.
    You can use it as a decorative item in the bathroom, if you don't know how to sharpen the blade.You can also use it as a letter opener.If you want to, you could use it as a kids toy, after making sure that the blade is dull. Even though it is not sharp enough to shave, it is definitely too sharp for a toy.
    I will probably, at some time, take the time to sharpen the blade but for now, I'll stay with my safety razor.

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