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stainless steel self winding mechanical wristwatch

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  • Its a nice watch

    posted by Roqueallegro

    The watch looks nice, it's very practical. The self winding mechanism works perfectly, and you can ofcourse wind it yourself with the buton pushed down.
    It looks great and it will be used for special ocasion since it looks very very nice.
    Buy it if you like the looks of it. It is a superb watch for the money, just be careful not to hold it in the water for too long.
  • Good watch

    posted by rodrigotessa

    [ENGLISH]It is a beautiful and cool watch, the pointers are illuminated for seeing at night. All configuration buttons work perfectly.[PORTUGUESE]É um relógio bonito e descolado, os ponteiros são iluminados para se enxergar na noite. Todos os botões de configuração funcionam perfeitamente.
    [ENGLISH]The Pros and cons are saying everything.[PORTUGUESE]Os Prós e contras estão dizendo tudo.
    [ENGLISH]Overall it's a good watch but the price could be better (in the sense of being cheaper). If price is not a problem, it's a great gift or a great accessory for personal use.[PORTUGUESE]No geral é um bom relógio mas o preço poderia ser melhor (no sentido de ser mais barato). Se o preço nao for um problema, é um ótimo presente ou um ótimo acessorio de uso pessoal.
  • A beautiful watch

    posted by Lsamancio

    English: Its a beautiful watch. I asked to my friends try to discover the price and they asked 10 times more than it cost.Português: É um relógio bonito. Perguntei ao meus amigos para dar palpite sobre o preço e eles falaram até 10 vezes mais.
    English: I'm wearing with formal suit but it can look good and fit in any kind of clothes.Português: Eu estou vestindo com roupa formal, mas cai bem em qualquer tipo de roupa.
    English: I left it fall on the floor and nothing happened. The glass is really hard to break.Português: Deixei-o cair no chão e nada aconteceu. O vidro é realmente difícil de quebrar.
  • Well worth the money!

    posted by HuangA

    Great looking automatic mechanic watch!Watch itself looks and feels well built.Continuous second hand movement, instead of second by second tick, might be a plus for some people.
    Wristband is black, meaning any scratch will show easily.Wristband clip, if not used properly, may scratch and shave off a layer of your fingernails.It _may_ have ran fast a few minutes for me at one point, or I may have just not woken up fully when I set the watch. I noticed it was about 3 minutes fast at one point. Haven't been able to replicate it after re-setting it.
    Good watch for what its worth, definitely get your money's worth back. A good steal if you are into using classy looking watches.Be green, give DX explicit instructions on how to apply bubble wrap so they don't overkill and give you too much plastic. Repeat with me:Bubble wrap in between watch and wristband.Ziplock bag.Bubble wrap around the ziplock bag.bubble wrap protected envelope for the product!
  • Works & looks great, but make sure you don't drop it!

    posted by xavivaldi

    Great look and feel, keeps the time reasonably well
    It's a great buy, cheap and reliable
    Excellent watch with very little shock resistance, yet so cheap that if you ever break it, you can just order a new one

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