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stainless steel screwdriver

You can easily find the latest low priced stainless steel screwdriver offered at our online shop. When you purchase products at DX, you will receive DX points. These dx.com points can be redeemed for certain products, offering the customer great discounts. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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stainless steel screwdriver Customers Reviews

  • Very usefull and cheap tool

    posted by jinglesmakers

    Is a very useful and portable tool. The compact size is ideal for use in the car. The material appears to be durable. Easy access to all elements. The price is cheap for a multifunctional tool. All items are very useful and brings are very well sorted.At first sight appears to be made ??of material of good quality and durability. Time will tell.
    I think it's a very useful tool, durable material and very low price.
    Not much to think with a low price. The relation price - quality is very good. -
  • cool thing!

    posted by kozinov

    It has good shape and good weight. Some years , I keep empty thick-skin case from old knife.This multitool exactly fit to this case. Again about shape: it maded perfectly for my hand. Blade can be opened and closed by one hand. Knife not slided out of hand.
    Scissors are placed very interested, but easy for use.
    I'm happy ;-)
  • simple and usefull

    posted by RogerMeira

    It is a simple product, really small, portable and fit perfectly on little screws of glasses or cellphones. The screwdriver also worked with the screws of a vga fan, helping to fix it and it works with screws which other larger screwdrivers does not work. The material of the product looks very good.Really usefull.
    The screwdriver and the keychain are made of steel, but the base of the screwdriver, in the keychain, is plastic, but this don't seems be a problem, since it don't is part of the screwdriver.
    That's very good for the price.
  • just amazing

    posted by mayonnaise

    everything about it, size, build quality, price, functionality....
    -carrying case has loop behind so you can attach it to belt, while folded it is so small but when you unfold it it sits in hand just nice, it is builded sturdy and i already dropped it from height few times, nothing happened.
    -it has knife, some grinders (i dont really what are these for) screwdriver, bottle opener, and little saw. knife and saw are very usefull
    -i am not ffraid to press hard on it because it feels very well build
    just amazing little multitool with pliers, everything is just fine im so glad i bought this one
    just great
  • A perfect tool, saved my life twice already

    posted by Nixxomatic

    A great tool with a variety of "plugins". I bought mine to use in case of emergency on my moped (50ccm motorbike). I've tested it a few times, that chucked it in my moped.
    The tool saved my life two times already: the first time the electricity on my bike died on me at 6'o clock in the morning in the middle of nowhere. On top of everything it was raining. With the use of the toolkit I managed to dismantle everything and repair the bike. The second time I had to replace a rear bulb that died on me in the middle of the night on a high traffic road.
    I was afraid that when unscrewing bolts the handle of the pliars would deform but it didn't. It's made really tough, I was positively surprised by this. And various adapters all stay where they should, they don't fall out or anything.
    The pliers could have a spring on it, but I can do without.
    A truly lifesaving toolkit for me. I originally bought the blue Jeep one from DX (SKU 37394), but when I found and bought this one as this has a larger variety of addons.
    Bottomline: highly recomended.

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