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stainless steel screwdriver

You can easily find the latest low priced stainless steel screwdriver offered at our online shop. When you purchase products at DX, you will receive DX points. These dx.com points can be redeemed for certain products, offering the customer great discounts. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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stainless steel screwdriver Customers Reviews

  • Useful, but very cheaply made

    posted by mp3hitz

    The concept behind the design of this is rather cool. I started carrying this with me everywhere on my keychain.
    Its a good design overall- wish it wouldn't break so easily.
    If this was made out of stronger materials, I would buy this again and recommend to everybody. Unfortunately, the material is too cheap- and can easily be broken.
  • Fun tool to have

    posted by Terox5

    I found it very useful. It is strong, which I didn't expect because it is very small, and it's lightweight and easy to carry. Also it is very cheap.
    I gave one to a friend. I think it is cheap and fun enough to give them as a gift :D
    A very useful tool. I enjoy this purchase, as I get to use this a lot and didn't even pay much for this. You should get one too! ;)
  • just amazing

    posted by mayonnaise

    everything about it, size, build quality, price, functionality....
    -carrying case has loop behind so you can attach it to belt, while folded it is so small but when you unfold it it sits in hand just nice, it is builded sturdy and i already dropped it from height few times, nothing happened.
    -it has knife, some grinders (i dont really what are these for) screwdriver, bottle opener, and little saw. knife and saw are very usefull
    -i am not ffraid to press hard on it because it feels very well build
    just amazing little multitool with pliers, everything is just fine im so glad i bought this one
    just great
  • Nice tool to have around all the time

    posted by lkawakita

    Compact enough to take with you all the time.
    Great quantity of tools.
    Good for light duty jobs.
    Good build quality.
    Comes with a nylon carrying bag.
    Did countless small jobs with this tool. Some of it's tools are not as good as a especific tool. But as a multi-purpose tool that you can have around all the time it does the job.
    Very nice tool to have with you all the time. It's like a small toolbox at your pocket. Well, not exactly, but it can help you when you have to fix something and is without the tools.
  • Perfect for XBOX 360 Controller

    posted by gabri85ct

    It's quite strong and confortable. Perfect to open XBOX 360 Controllers. I had a different one before (not form DX) and it was without the hole in the center, useles with 360 controllers. This one has the hole and it is perfect for this purpose. I've already used it several times (i repair controllers) and it still seems brand new, so it is pretty resistent. So it is the right tool if you repair controllers or jus want to take apart them to clean them or to change parts like triggers or thumbsticks.
    Very good for the price. Buy it.
    Definitely worth the money


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