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stainless steel scissors

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stainless steel scissors Customers Reviews

  • Overall good

    posted by Desnickadu

    The bag is very well made, without apparent glue or leftover tissues, black finish inside, without leftover tissues or untied things. The tools is very well made, without a logo, all in brushed steel without sharp edges. The nail clippers and cuticle clamp are very sharp.
    Its a very beautiful case with a beautiful tools inside, perfect for a inexpensive present.
    i wish they had one in black leather.
  • Scissors

    posted by CosmosMouse

    Decent enough build quality. Sharp. Nice rounded edges and stainless steel. There's not much to say here because after all.. they are just small Scissors. ;-)
    Nice and compact. Like I said before stainless steel. The plastic handle is pretty sturdy as well.
    Decent enough of a product and the price is good. I can't think of anything else to fill 1000 characters so I'll tell you that I put this in my nose right out of the bag and it sort of smelled like pennies. I recommend washing it off first. lol
  • Simple shredder for small pieces of paper

    posted by sitely

    Easy to use. Better than getting out the power shredder for small pieces of paper, and you don't want to leave sensitive paper laying around.
    Best used when shredding one or two pieces of paper at a time. Any thicker will not work. I have been shredding single paper thickness without problems.
    Useful item. Does what it is supposed to do. The shredded paper is about 3mm wide pieces.
  • Perfect for its purpose

    posted by danielesbravo

    They are a perfect scissors for pets such as cats, birds, and small rodents. Cuts perfectly, is not weak, I personally seems it is well made??. There seems to be going to break easily, it seems very durable.
    Personally I bought the scissors to a guinea pig, and I could perfectly cut my pet's nails without any problem.
    Tough, well made and perfect for its purpose.
  • Decent quality scissors for your workshop

    posted by ventsl

    They are sharp, they cut different materials well. build quality seems to be good. They fit comfortably in my hand. They are ~2 cm longer than most of the heavy duty scissors I have seen. one of the blades is serrated so they do not slip when cutting hard materials
    Price could be lover. yesterday I saw the same quality and the same looking scissors in local store for approximately the same price.
    If price is ok for you, by it. you will end up with decent tool.

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