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Every single stainless steel razor displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Browse the products from stainless steel shelf, or some other related Pages like stainless steel cups. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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stainless steel razor Customers Reviews

  • Useless blades

    posted by paulams

    The blades seems to have a high quality. And when compared with simple blades that comes in the razor shelf I bought, it's easy to see how better this blades are.
    Now I have useless blades replacements at home.
    The blades seems great, but I can't use it. =//
  • WOW!

    posted by WKHII

    Better shaves than with my Merkur 34CBetter shaves than with my Merkur ProgressBetter shaves than with my Edwin Jagger DE89No nicks, razor burn, razor bumps or ingrown hairs
    Smoother, milder, and more comfortable shaves than with any razor I have owned. In fact, barbers' straight razor shaves are more irritating. I get the satisfying experience of a spa treatment every morning with this fine instrument.
    Use a badger brush, premium shave cream, the blade of your choice, a scuttle for warming lather, passes utilizing a light touch with the Rimei A2002 razor, and you can look forward to the daily pleasure of shaving. A high-end safety razor at about one-tenth the price.
  • Very nice straight razor

    posted by Crazybulkin

    one of the best quality razor i have ever got my hand on, beats any one that cost three times more. it has a stainless still body with a great finishing o it, its easy to open.
    Do not waste money on expensive razor this is a great one for a good price
    I can definitely recommend this straight razor frame, just attach a razor blade and you're ready to go. It's cheap, made of Stainless steel and folds/unfolds smoothly.
  • Great Product!

    posted by Aug

    It is a very good-looking and well built razor, its big shiny blade is beautiful, it is also very heavy, which is a big pro for me.
    I totally recommend this product for its beautiful vintage style, it looks great after I polished it and left it near other blades, it outstands even near U$80 straight razors!
    As a collector I was very impressed by it!
  • Beautiful classic shaver

    posted by dagjess

    Made from solid stainless steel, wood and brass. Probably not the ideal shaving tool anno 2013. Back in the days all shaved men had one of these.
    It is very hard to sharpen any knife for shaving. Stainless steel might not be the right material for this level if sharpening. Used it for shaving the hair on my neandertal back, which is hard to reach.
    Beautiful knifeu. Any real man should have one of these in my opinion. Nice cut throat item.


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