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Every single stainless steel razor displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Browse the products from stainless steel shelf, or some other related Pages like stainless steel cups. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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stainless steel razor Customers Reviews

  • Great vintage blade

    posted by lucamafra

    Good edge (though you need a leather strap to sharp before every shave). Nice build. The weight feels good in the hand, and the design of the folding razor is awesome.
    If I'm not mistaken (as other reviewer has pointed) this is a replica os the one used in the movie Sweeney Todd. Also, the blade is quite big.
    Nice feeling, quite manly and of good build and edge. Very nice purchase.
  • Beautiful classic shaver

    posted by dagjess

    Made from solid stainless steel, wood and brass. Probably not the ideal shaving tool anno 2013. Back in the days all shaved men had one of these.
    It is very hard to sharpen any knife for shaving. Stainless steel might not be the right material for this level if sharpening. Used it for shaving the hair on my neandertal back, which is hard to reach.
    Beautiful knifeu. Any real man should have one of these in my opinion. Nice cut throat item.
  • Good value and well Made

    posted by Crazybulkin

    Uses cheap, readily available blades *Very Cheap *Very well made *uses same blade retention method of other Shavettes
    For the price you can't lose. I have a friend who has a similar shavette in size, construction, and weight and he spent close to $40 so for $5 its a no brainer. Just buy QUALITY Platinum coated DE blades, like Merkur or Astra.
    If you have an interest in straight shaving, but a low budget, this is worth a shot. Dont buy the blades recomended in the listing however, as they are the incorrect ones.
  • Nice old fashioned razor

    posted by ipushkarov

    Turned me back in time in the 80's. Nice, cheap easy to use. Good if you know how to use it.
    In the age of Gi****te products and many other product for man hygiene this is a little old fashioned. It's much cheaper to use one of those. Also its easy to clean and maintain it. If you are not experienced in using it stick with the Gi****te.
    Buy it if you are born before the 80's :) You will know how to use it without hurting yourself.
  • Perfect for the price

    posted by Gracien

    Very sharp, easy to use, well packed. The price, for 10 blades, is ridiculously low, so go ahead!
    Works great with SKU147767, I ended up with a nice straight blade shaver for less than $4, and I have 10 blades.
    Buy it. Try it. Love it. It takes a bit of practice to master the old-fashioned way to shave, but it is fun and leaves a perfect shave of my face! No need for 5 blades.

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