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stainless steel precision Customers Reviews

  • Great tweezers

    posted by psusnjar

    A perfect product of the highest quality level, both in terms of finishing and mechanical functionality. They are made of anti-magnetic stainless steel. Very good handling. The plastic cap to protect the tip is a nice addition which can make them last much longer.
    A good buy - these are much nicer in quality and much cheaper than anything I can find near home. DealExtreme is a great place to get a whole set of tweezers for hobbies and fine work.
    I would recommend them to anyone who might need them.
  • Very good tweezers

    posted by cmartin1

    The description of this item says it is a precision tweezer and I have to fully agree, they are nicely mechanized and finished. Tips perfectly match one to the other and surface finish es excellent.It looks like the steel is of first quality as they withstand a little abuse from my part, anyway I did not try too hard, they are a precision instrument and not something to apply brute force on.
    The tweezers have a smooth surface, maybe a little bit more rough surface, only in the area where you put your fingers, could improve something the gripping. This is just to say something as gripping is OK.
    Perfect tweezers, fully recommended.
  • Fair enough - does what the label says

    posted by Criggie

    Very sharp pointy tips, and surprisingly they close nicely together (ie, the points don't miss)They're small and light and good for eyebrows and bee stings, or to keep in the first aid kit.
    Nothing comes to mind sorry - they're just tweezers, can't really wax lyrical about them.
    Bottom line - there isn't one. What more can I say about tweezers. Not a lot.
  • Very good Build Quality

    posted by Pyth0n

    Very precise durable and strong. Can manipulate very small objects. Very good for small electronics. Used to disassemble some iPhones and Notebooks. The first one I bought from the same brand came alone and I have it for over 1 year and it's very durable. No rusts or anything. Stays on my desk all the time. Use for everything.
    Only missing a longer one to access some hard places in notebooks. A friend of mine managed to break his headphone inside the jack and those where the only thing that saved. If I had a longer tweezer no disassemble of the notebook was required. Yet no other Tool I had could solve that.
    Nothing I can think of.
  • Steel Clips multipurpose medium accuracy

    posted by guerraguillermo

    The manufacture is of good quality and robust. Made of stainless steel which makes it very durable. Incorporates very useful finger grip.The ends come together perfectly, no spaces between them. The packaging is also very good quality, a hard clear plastic with a hologram to prove it is an original piece WeiTus
    Very useful for precision work on electronics and other activities where our fingers are too big. The plastic handle can be removed if we want given that this is fixed with two screws. Particularly the use for repair of computers and notebooks and it is very useful.
    Quality and low price, recommended

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