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You'll find the best stainless steel picks for you here. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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stainless steel picks Customers Reviews

  • good quality earpick

    posted by Serafijn

    Well, this is a very well built stainless steel ear pick. Very firm, easy to handle.Stainless steel makes it easy to desinfect it by steam of boiling. So, optimal hygiene for you family.The scoop has the right size and shape, with makes it easy to use. It has no sharp edges, so any adult can use it safely.
    It's not a cheap earpick, but it's quality makes it worth it. You wont regret buying this one. It could last you for a very long time.
    Great hygienic earpick, and very good value for your money... I recommend it!
  • Excelent!

    posted by Collarespedro

    Very tought for it´s porpouses. Very practical, usefull. The quality is much more than I expected.I´ll do not change this for any other kit! When I used it, it was the first time using a lock pick, and it was so easy! I loved the feeling. To use it as an keychain is perfect to have it all time with you!
    The price would be lower, just one piece, and there´s a lot of others kits that also do de same thing, and are more complete.
  • These picks are perfect for all skill levels

    posted by silencedogood8

    Easy to use, perfect little case, all the main picks, perfect for beginners or pros, worked in seconds, nice feel, nice balance, nice color, pretty fast shipping considering the distance.
    If you've been stareing at different picks, and you can't decide, buy these.
    Buy them! I did and I'm extremely glad I did.
  • You get what you pay for

    posted by Mink94

    Cheap, does not cost muchLots of varianse in the picks, got every pick a beginner need.The quality is good, I like the handles and the metal seems strong enough to pick lots of locks.I've opened 12 locks today so I am satisfied with the tool kit.
    No not really.
    You get what you pay, its a good start-kit for people who want to start lockpicking.
  • Good standard steel picks

    posted by Vandrovec

    Well made without any sharp edges that would make wearing them uncomfortable, even over a longer period of playing. Easy to adjust, no need to heat them like plastic picks. Seem unlikely to break any time soon.
    Can't get them in brass, steel only. A bit on the thin side.
    Overall very satisfied. There's not much else to standard metal picks, and these come very cheap. If you're thinking about trying out some fingerpicks for the first time, give these a try.


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