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stainless steel nail clippers

You can easily find the latest low priced stainless steel nail clippers offered at our online shop. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.

stainless steel nail clippers Customers Reviews

  • correct product

    posted by Elektro84

    Build quality is in high level. It feels and looks solid and strong. Worth every cent.
    Sharp enough (could be sharper, but ok). Like I said, worth every cent. There is not any big cons, so you won’t regret if buy it. Price is also correct. So, in overall: go for it.
  • Good nail clipper.

    posted by mtakaya

    It is cheap, and is made of stainless stell.It seems to be sturdy and made to last.The nail file works well.Nice portability, it has a small profile and becomes very solid when closed.It wont open by accident.Nice design.
    It could have a clearer cut.The design is really nice, can be used as a keychain.
    Good for portability and has a nice design. I like it.
  • Really worth for its price.

    posted by mtakaya

    This is really cheap!Made of stainless stell!Cuts very well.Didn't have any kind of problem so far.Made to last.
    The design is of any regular nail clipper. Despite being small i wouldn't use as a keychain, for this task i would recommend the SKU: 122992, it is more expensive and may not cut as well as this one, but has a nicer design.
    Recommended. If you want a cheap nail clipper made of stainless stell that cuts very well, i really recommend this one.
  • -Would make a nice gift.

    posted by 350350

    -Very well equiped.-Nice metal surface.-The zipper case keeps everything organize.
    The metal surface on the clippers has a nice brush stainless steel finish. This give it a little nonslip grip.One nice feature was the siscores have rounded tip for satey purpose. The zipper case is not made all that well, but should hold up for a few years.
    -Everything worked.-Would make a nice gift for husband.-just thought, but maybe a instruction sheet.
  • Holds the clipings

    posted by himpo

    Holds the clipings.It even has a file.
    This reminds me of the day not so very long ago when I used to have to search the froor with a magnifying glass to find the clipings from where they fell, and I can not stand to think that I did that for 20 years of my life, I mean that sums up to a lot of time, just because they did not sell these in my city, or maybe they did not even exist back then, but now that is over and now I can spend my time more productively, thanks to this.
    You will not regret buying this.

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