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stainless steel multi

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stainless steel multi Customers Reviews

  • Pretty good

    posted by johanva

    Multi-function:-Can opener: Works-Knife: Very dull blade. You will not be ble to cut yourself even it you try alot. But if you sharpen it then it might be effective.-Screwdriver: Flat (not Philips). Ok, but very "wedgey". You need to push alot while turning the screw or the screwdriver will leve the groove.-Ruler: Woks ok.-Bottle opener: Works great.-Hex wrench: There are 6 different sizes.-Adjustable spanner: I cant find this feature.-Saw: Small, but it does the job. Good idea is to were a glove when using it.-Direction indicator: How this will work I dont undertans?-Position wrench: I cant find this feature.-Round hole: True, there is a hole in the corner to put a rope, etc through.
    Cheeper than a Victorinox but not as good. Verry durable.
    Good considering the price. But not something I would trust my life with.
  • Good for the price

    posted by SPVTAV

    Really good price for the item. I love multi tools, so when i saw one with an axe...has all tools one would need. all ends are presharpened. didn't know with customs and all
    if the rivets give way, i figure on just using a nut and bolt and some washers instead. and definitely will need a new rubber grip for it
    a multi tool like this made better would easily cost upwards of a 100 us dollars, so the price is indicative of what you get, i like it as a novelty, but not everyday use.
  • Great Evryday Carry tool

    posted by Pirofire

    Small and slimVery easy to carry with you. Nice pouch that does not come apart after afew days of use.Great tool for afordable price.
    If you are camper or a service tech a must have tool for you. I carry it with me as part of EDC and use it mostly to disassembly RAN stations I have to service.
    Not a proffecional tool, but a great tool to keep in your car or backpack in case you need to fix something.
  • Works well

    posted by tmadman

    * Cheap* Comes with various multipurpose screw bits* Good carrying pouch. Holds both the screw bits and the tool itself* Relativity sturdy.*Light weight
    Bought this as a secondary multi-tool to keep in my car for emergencies. I think it is best suited to be a backup, or for those not needing something very expensive.I also recommend sharpening the blades before first use.
    I'm pleased, and recommend to it as a backup tool.
  • Nice tool for it's price

    posted by Mubz23

    nice tool, rigid product, comes in handy on many occasions, has a nice built quality and excellent stainless steel finish look. comes with a handy pouch to keep it in. and the keyring makes it easy to carry around
    overall good product for it's price.


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