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stainless steel money clip

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stainless steel money clip Customers Reviews

  • Not what I expected

    posted by SilverShadowPT

    Its strong all right, bigger whan what I expected in size. Works perfectly with a few euro bills, (not more than 4 or 5)
    Maybe the clip will get loose after a few months of use, making it less pron to rip bills apart.
    Well, if you only cary a couple bills in your pocket, this does work, but if you just have a couple of them, you dont even need this, so its kinda pointless...
  • Black money/card holder

    posted by mjcoolie

    this is a fairly slim clip. It holds about 3 to 4 cards. It The powder coarting looks awesome and feels oke.It has some grooves under the actual clip to hold money.Nice big monney clip
    Its alright. I'm, not wild about it but not unhappy either oke for the price at it holds my monney together :)
    nice big clip for your monney Perfect for holding all your paper monney but for cards its not that good.a little.Works as advertised if you don't mind the card holder sides issue.
  • Good gadget

    posted by Sergej2106

    Light and strong, hard to damage or dent. It is confortable while sitting and using it on the pants back pocket. It really holds the money thight whithout damaging it. Good design. Protects credit card from cracking.
    It's a clip. It holds legal tender. Isn't that what you wanted?
    Good size, price, quality and usefullness. Finish and quality are quite good, not indicative of the price. Fits money and credit card well.

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