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  • Very bright

    posted by jf_moreira

    Very bright light, works flawlessly. SMD leds are very powerful and put out a lot of light. It replaces the old incandescent bulb with advantages. It also works with my car temporized lights.
    I had to adapt my bulbs so they would work on my car. Dessoldered the end terminals and put them more at the board tip, now they fit my domes perfectly.
    Buy it if you know what it is. Skills helps in case you should modify anything.
  • My new everyday watch!

    posted by wally28

    -looks nice
    -most of the time it's easy to read
    I can go from t shirt to dress shirt and not switch watches.
    I've been complimented on it.
    To me, the color is more of a dark gunmetal than black. I've had eyeglasses with the same colored frames.
    I measured my wrist before buying this watch. Thankfully I have a small wrist. It's only 17mm in diameter so it's actually a little loose on me. Yes I'm an adult.
    As for the clasp being loose, I fixed it by putting a small piece of transparent tape on the clasp and it hasn't come loose since.
    One time the watch did mess up on me. It started switching between the modes rapidly as if I were pressing the top right button really fast. Nothing happened when I tried to push the buttons. It lasted for a few minutes and then started to work normally again.
    In bright sunlight/daylight, it can be a little hard to read.
    Really surprised when I saw this watch at another store/website for over $100 usd!
    Really nice stylish watch/bracelet. I'm not a big fan of wearing jewerly but this I like. I would definately get another one if it decides to go crazy on me again.
  • Surprisingly good

    posted by Hidlin

    Rather than iterating the already mentioned pros, I am rather going to focus on details where I do not agree with the other reviews. First of all a number of reviews mention that it doesn't feel too solid with which I totally disagree and to me the build quality seems to be up to par with similar 40 euro watches you can buy on this side of the world. Changing the settings on the watch is do-able (it comes with a manual), but is definitely not easy and take a bit of figuring out. I am still not entirely sure whether I was able to set the date correctly, although I think I did. [continue below]
    Will probably be uploading a video review as well - once I have more time - , although - as there were no real problems - it will be really general only.
    Makes for a good gift and might end up buying one for myself in a few months as well :D.
  • A very special watch.

    posted by ddsn82

    The quality seems much more beautiful than it costs. The blue LEDs are very beautiful and elegant, especially at night and watch the color black blue LEDs are really beautiful.
    a year ago to see a clock so special was really difficult. Now it is very present in the world but is always a beautiful design object. I recommend it to those who want to show off a different kind of watch for a special evening.
  • Good tweezers. Good price !

    posted by cannuck

    It's quite nice looking and feels good in the hand, not too light, not too heavy. The LED is quite bright and really helps to pick up the hair you want to remove.And the extra set of batteries is a nice touch.It's rather inexpensive, I've seen tweezers without a light, sold at drugstores for three times the cost.
    It takes some practice to use the light properly so it doesn't shine into your eyes, because it can become blinding.
    The tweezers work very well and grab the hair firmly, and pull it out easily.It's a good item for both sexes, for personal use or could be a nice gift.


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