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  • Great Compact Stainless Steel Whistle

    posted by haiyter

    * Stainless Steel which means easy to clean and sterilize. Others that are made in plastic are harder to clean as the saliva etc enters the center and unless you have a way to break it in half, cleaning wont really kill all the germs* Twists and comes off so you can clean the inside of the whistle or to carry it around.
    Nothing really, other than the idea, if they made a whistle that is similar that doesn't take effort to blow, then it would be a solid idea. Otherwise, for people who are serious hikers or campers, I dread the idea that if they had this as they are injured for some reason, they may not be able to blow it hard enough for people to hear.
    Great whistle as its stainless steel. Only problem is it a bit small so blowing this whistle actually takes a bit of a hard blow in order for it to sound.
  • Cheap and high-quality

    posted by Lucascsfc

    *Cheap- 1.69 lol*Very beautiful- Heavy and the metal looks like aluminium*Have I said that the keychain is cheap? No? Oh, it's cheap.*Stylish- Axe Crowbar!*Unique- At least in Brazil*How could I forgot? It's cheap! Silly me.
    The box that contains the keychain came broken. No problem, after all, the keychain came intact.
    Buy it! Your friends will say that you look very cool. And, oh, it's cheap! Cheap! Buy now!
  • neat little novelty keyring, but not to useful

    posted by 80scamry

    Good quality stainless steel
    comes in nice gift box
    really moves like a real shifting spanner
    looks nice and classy, not really cheap
    chain which attaches the spanner to the keyring seems strong
    Good little novelty key ring, not very useful for undoing things though. looks classy and of good quality. would be better (actually useful as a real spanner) if the jaw was stable, but it is probably only intended as a novelty, decorative thing anyway
  • Forget the plastic version: buy these

    posted by hvdgoor

    - Made of metal unlike the cheaper (plastic) version- Fast and easy attachment of keys- S-biners rock!
    I bought the version with plastic s-biners before. Off course plastic can break easy and that's what happened: lost a key that way. Had I known DX sells them in stainless as well, I would have bought those right away (live and learn).
    If you have a lot of keys and take them on/off your keychain, this is the product for you. The s-biners are perfect and work great and easy. I now retired the cheaper plastic version.
  • Super cute!

    posted by unknown189

    - Mini handcuff's - that just really cute.
    - You can put them anywhere you like.
    - I hold them in my arms all the time :D
    - They look funny because of their size.
    - No regrets.
    - It's absolutely cute thing.
    - i think to only word can descirbe them is "CUTE" in this word's best meaning.
    If you thought you may like them, I suppose you will. They are small, but look way too nice. And don't cost too much, either.

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