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stainless steel keychain

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stainless steel keychain Customers Reviews

  • Quality kubotan keychain

    posted by redcomb

    High quality and very nice looking kubotan keychain. It's a universal product: a key chain and a self-defense tool which is always with the owner because you will need to carry your keys nearly every time. There are a lot of videos available on the internet about usage of the kubotans.
    It would be very nice if there will be an option to choose the color of the kubotan keychain.
  • Very well built

    posted by schopf

    Its really beautiful, as showed in the pictures.
    It makes a great gift to women.
    Its very well painted. I think paint will not be lost in a so short time.
    You have several options (12 in fact) to choose.
    Its very cheap for a gift.
    If you need a casual gift, its perfect. People like it a lot. Women like to use it in a bag. I dont know if its a good gift for a man. Its really a different keychain.
    Great for the price. Take your Chinese Zodiac because all of them look like great.
  • Perfect for prison wardens...

    posted by ChrisGray

    Seriously though, I have a lot of keys, and two cars. I don't want to carry every damned key I own around at all times, so using this keyring (and multiple key loops) I can modularise my keys. I have the two cars split, a home set, and other sets on separate loops. If I'm on holidays, the work keys go off for two weeks so I don't have to lug them around etc etc.The two balls that hold the loop closed are sprung towards each other, and you have to pull reasonably hard to remove or attach a loop, which was my main concern as I didn't want to accidentally slip loops off in my pocket.The keyring can be made smaller still by unscrewing the leather portion out of the ring.I'm not a great fan of chrome, but these look great, and nobody will know the wiser that it's not a $30+ keyring.
    Do you have too many keys? Buy these and thank me later.
  • You need these!

    posted by lecale

    Loves it! You can shape your nails much better with this slope-sided clipper as compared to a regular curved clipper so you can clip without filing afterward. If you have ugly toes and need to deal with misshapen nails or chunks of dead skin all the time, you will LOVE these.
    There's no file on these clippers but they cut a clean enough edge that you won't leave snags or wavy edges. You can nip though quite thick nail with these.
    I like these much better than "regular" nail clippers.
  • Small, light, quick enough

    posted by pmbuyit

    The drive is really small, smaller than expected. First I have tested it with H2testw - this drive is NO FAKE - it is really 16 GB (means 14,7 GB when You ask Windows). Copying of files seems quick, so I have then tested the speed of the drive with Check Flash 1.16.2 - result: Write speed (small pattern set) about 6 MB/s (5,7 to 6,10 MB/s), read speed (small pattern set) about 25 MB/s (21,5 to 25,8 MB/s). A new test with another testing program - CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1 - sequential read/write test: write speed 6,97 MB/s, read speed 26,69 MB/s. Is quite good for me.
    Color is "anthracite", looks elegant. The carabiner clip is strong, you can attach it on a key ring with one hand, to remove it you will need two hands.
    Have seen it cheaper, but is a good drive. If you need it, why not buy it?


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