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stainless steel guitar

You can buy cheap stainless steel guitar from us. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Browse stainless steel kettle or stainless steel cups to find what you are looking for. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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stainless steel guitar Customers Reviews

  • Nice bit and fit, but more appropriate for thin neck guitar necks

    posted by Mindflash

    The quality is great for the price, seems similar to a lot of brands found in traditional stores. The grip is tight and sounds better than the previous capo I was using. It is very light.
    This is probably one of the better capos available in DX, great for thinner necks like most Fender styled or Floyd Rose bridged electric guitars
    Might not be ideal for those thicker necks found in electric guitars like Gibson or other bluesy styled instruments.
  • Good standard steel picks

    posted by Vandrovec

    Well made without any sharp edges that would make wearing them uncomfortable, even over a longer period of playing. Easy to adjust, no need to heat them like plastic picks. Seem unlikely to break any time soon.
    Can't get them in brass, steel only. A bit on the thin side.
    Overall very satisfied. There's not much else to standard metal picks, and these come very cheap. If you're thinking about trying out some fingerpicks for the first time, give these a try.
  • An Impulse buy

    posted by RecyclerMan

    Way cheaper than what can be bought here. Way better than what I can make... On my Guitar it has a bright, penetrating sound with great sustain and sparkling harmonics as well on a high output guitar it made a real screamer!!! One is thin the other is thick so both have different sounds...
    My rating is for using the product for the occasional use it will get, not the day in day out use of a slide guitarist
    Given it was a impulse buy, if having the same events I would buy again and also to replace lost and stolen ones if it should come to that
  • Very good

    posted by lucasherculano

    Very good item, well built and also fancy (which gives you a little bit more respect when playing haha). I'm very happy with this acquisition and don't regret at all buying it. It's also projected in order not to cause any damage to guitar's neck, so...completely worth the money spent.
    Can't see it any better rght now. Obviously it could be a little cheaper than it costs - anyway, I wouldn't be able to get such a quality item for that price in my country.
    Must have item for a guitar player.
  • Looks and works great

    posted by yukonwinter

    This devise was very easy to operate yet it clamps on any fret to kept all six (6) strings securly held. One nice feature is the speed of use. Start to finish is two seconds.It is metal and rubber and a firm spring that shuld last for years. The red colour is nice.
    I wuld buy again in a different colour.
    Best value there is for a capo. I partcularly like the red one.


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