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You can buy cheap stainless steel frame from us. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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stainless steel frame Customers Reviews

  • Folding Straight Razor for Disposable Blades

    posted by hkhadim

    Good quality build, I purchased this to replace an old plastic shavette that I rarely used due to its poor quality. This unit has some weight to it, but its not too heavy. There is a clasp for the blade insert which is snug but not too sticky.
    I only use this for shaping/carving the lines of my beard/goatee. I still use an electric trimmer for managing beard length and carving base-lines, and a Schick Quatro for shaving the face and neck.
    For the price you can't lose. I have a friend who has a similar shavette in size, construction, and weight and he spent close to $40 so for $5 its a no brainer. Just buy QUALITY Platinum coated DE blades, like Merkur or Astra.
  • Product Is Well Finished but ....

    posted by DForce

    Very good finishing of the product, it looks and feels like professional quality.The metal look gives a nice touch and leaves no fingerprints on the plate. It is easy to clean. The switch fitted nicely into our interrior design and I've had no problems installing it as I could insert the wiring directly.
    Would be handy that there were led indicators on the switches.
    Good product.
  • it's an abacus

    posted by pandas

    it's a functional abacus, provided you can use one.
    solid metal form, 2 holes for keyrings, unsure of why 2.. but can't go wrong with that. nice rattle sound when shaken.
    metal, easy to use, impressive to others if you know how. the beads are farther to one side of the abacus than the other, as in you can lay it down, and it will roll on one side, but if flipped over, rest on the frame, not the beads. if that makes sense.
    solid piece, keychain sized, 1" high, 2-3" long, 1/4" thick.
  • useful

    posted by carmita

    very nice - can be used next to the sink or by hanging with sucker. I bought this product for my facial bar soap, and it holds very well so far.
    I have this for about one month, and it still looks OK, didn't get rusty or peeled off. I hope it will stay this way...
    useful item for the bathroom or shower, specially for those who use bar soap. The price could be slightly lower, since the sucker is not that useful.

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