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stainless steel folding knife

These cool stainless steel folding knife are high quality and at affordable prices. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

stainless steel folding knife Customers Reviews

  • Good quality stailess steel

    posted by marianogimenez

    Really tiny. Portable at all. Essential in your keychain, car, bike, motorbike or just in your desktop case. It can save you from an urgent needing
    It serve like cutter (tiny knife), flat screwdriver and philips screwdriver, lime abrasive, and wrench kind as well
    It worth and its cheap too. Good quality material and well constructed. It has a nice bag made from fabric kind, and velcro closure to keep away from dust
  • A very handy little knife

    posted by SarCarstic

    A great size to carry on a keyring, in your pocket or fits nicely into carry pocket in my bag. Very sharp and handy for opening stubborn packaging, or any of a hundred other uses. I end up using this all the time for things, it has been one of the best knife purchases I have made.
    I never realised how much a small knife could be handy to carry around and how many uses I had for one until I bought this
    Get one, it is so cheap, and so well made and useful.
  • Fair Purchase for it's price.

    posted by RMR2ENG

    It is stainless steel grade and hopefully it will withstand marine enviornment. It has a sharp screw. It is a 2 stages opener. It has a knife to cut the metal foil arround the cork. It has a cap opener.
    Looks cheap (and it is cheap). It does not have a high quality construction. It has a brushed finish (not polished).
    Hopefully if will perform well for a moderated use.Not sure if I would recomend it for profesional use.
  • It's a Fairy Knife!

    posted by gothicspiderman

    Quite sharp, good for cutting things for fun, like slicing through plastic bottles or aluminum cans, or minor landscaping of your lawn! Blade was initially quite sharp, but due to previously mentioned landscaping is not as sharp as it used to be.
    I bought this for my little brother, who calls it his "fairy knife" and likens it to the Great Fair Sword from the Legend of Zelda games.
    Verrry pretty knife, definitely not something you'd want to carry if you don't want to attract attention to yourself.
  • Good little fellow

    posted by Zirc60

    A solid little knife. Good lockups with frame lock. Love the camo, looks really nice.
    I bough this without really realizing the size of this knife, so i was expecting it to be a decent/medium size. But this one is quite small, and would probably be not something you would carry with you outside in the woods or for defense :P . More like a letter opener or something. I will probably get some paracord and hook in on a key chain.
    If you want a small knife that can do small tasks, you should get this. Great knife!

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