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stainless steel diy Customers Reviews

  • The whispering thing

    posted by RomByDan

    Surprisingly well-built. Considering the price, I thought I'll get yet another cheap fan. You know, kinda like stock ones in most PC cases - just a bit larger and working off AC mains, instead of 12V DC. But when I've put my hands on it - I've realized it's a real bargain.The casing is made of some kind of aluminum alloy, and is massive enough to eliminate vibration.And when I turned it on, it was another surprise. I expected it to roar, but heard only a quiet whisper, barely noticeable even a meter away.
    The wire was not long enough for me. It is sold as DIY thing, but already has a plug attached. As for me, I'd prefer it with bare wires. But it isn't hard to cut it off, so I won't count this as a con.
    Not only worth the price, but surprisingly well made. I'll definitely buy more of these.
  • Cool

    posted by SpyHp

    Cool, good stuffYou need a little attention at the time of installation.Looks nice on the bike after installation.The spring keeps the pressure on him to not be vibrating while driving.
    I have not found a color that would be 100% compatible with the color of my bike.
    Cool, beautiful and essential in a custom bike.
  • I hadn't knew I needed these until I got them

    posted by brainwashed1

    These tools do more than I am able to do with them. I previously used intricate constructions of tweezers, shirt pins, screwdrivers, toothpicks and whatever I could find.The packaging shows some suggested uses for the tools, but it is kind of hard to make out.
    The tool for lifting chips and single leads is getting the most use. It is like a curved screwdriver with a slot in the middle. I just put it against one pin on the top side, heat the solder until it melts and gently push down on the tool to pry up one side of the component.
    If you don't know what they are and you do soldering then definitely buy this.
  • Absolutely amazing

    posted by AltumEQ

    Local shops sell these plates with only a few engravings for twice as much. This is a must have! Packaging was perfect and they work with any stamp kit you may have. Although is not visible the plate comes with a plastic protector sheet to avoid getting the plate scratched.
    It comes with different stamp sizes so you can get just a small flower in a corner of your nail or a full nail stamp/pattern.
    Just get one! For this price you won't get anything better!
  • An excelent product

    posted by silveraignacio

    The best product I ever have bought in dx. Really recommended and very useful. It is made of a great material, very resistent. The led is excellente, has a great brightnes and opacity.
    Great product, just that. Is very useful to a lot of things. For example I replace the power on button of my computer, for that. It looks great!
    A great product, very recommended and useful! If you


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