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stainless steel curved pocket

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stainless steel curved pocket Customers Reviews

  • leahter case flask

    posted by piepeloi55

    I bought these in march of 2009 and works still fine. Ít looks good and it's large enough. Can get in you're pocket to get a drink under way. Not when you drive though! It's very stylish and does not rust.
    It's very usefull when you're on a trip with the bus or the plane. You can get you're own drinks come with you. It saves you money. But don't drink off it when you're driving.
    It's cheap and it comes in handy much more then you think!
  • A nice flask for the price.

    posted by arnebertil

    It doesn´t leak, the size isn´t too big and fits just nice in almost any pocket. The build is sufficient.
    It´s an ok size for having hidden in a pocket, but i wouldn´t get drunk only of what´s on the flask. the "leather" didn´t look anything like leather or the picture, but really not a problem.
    A great flask, and i really recommend it, not the most beutiful flask, or the best build but more than enough for it´s use.
  • Nice flask, good price

    posted by Remqeau

    Good size to fit in your pocket, looks a bit luxury from a distance.
    Does not leak at all, so it does what it has to do. You'll not see any dents in the rvs like other flasks get when you accidentally drop them on the floor.
    I got what I wanted, it's a good flask for the price! Build quality could be better.
  • Great flask low price 2nd one i ordered will buy more in the future.

    posted by theovanderputten

    Good price it's cheapFlask is very well build very durable, using my other one for over a year now, no problems at all no rust.The quality of the stainless steel is very good
    The lid could do with an upgrade its held by something plastic looking material should be stainless as well.
    Although the lid might be a problem it really isn't. I have another flask in use for more then a year and it's still working like a charm. I ordered another one just to have a spare one i can keep in the car all the time. Great flask great quality, improve the lid with stainless and its the best you can buy.
  • Wrong design, great quality

    posted by Etzer

    Pros.. Well, it's good quality, sadly, it's not the design displayed - I recieved an armydesign, which is not cool. But then again, it's fine quality, and cheap for the price. You can always tear of the armydesign and just have a plain bottle - that's what I did.
    I bought the SKU 18910, which was actually better than expected. So the design mistake could just have been a mix up, I don't know.
    Buy these liqour flasks, they are awesome. Just because they screwed up one order, doesn't mean that it's a bad product.

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