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stainless steel cups Customers Reviews

  • Great measuring set

    posted by pichonarman

    I am from Argentina and I found it very useful to make north american recipes. They are very durable and they are heat resistant too.
    I recommend it for people who likes to cook, or those who are beginning because it is very useful.
    A must have item in the kitchen :)
  • small, nice and useful

    posted by r3in89

    It's quite resistent, heavy and compact, it seems also very durable. You can use it to carry other stuff like pills inside. Just had some drinks on it and no problem at all, really really simple to use.
    While I was pouring down the water, I almost touch the bottle on the top of the cup, which could make the cup accidentally retract itself. Although it can stay firm, just need to take care it doesn't happen something like that.
    Useful and cheap, specially good for travelers, definitely worth it.
  • Good product

    posted by codreanulaura15

    This cup is a very good product as a gift. The interior is very clean (stainless steel) and it seems very similar to a real DSLR lens.
    It is written on it "Canian", maybe the only clue that this is not a true lens. I hope that other products will write something else, not "Canian". I have bought it as a present and my friend was delighted.
    The materials are ok. It can trick someone very quick with it's appeareance.
  • travel companion foor the serious boozer

    posted by ICanuwundra

    Segments lock tightly, no spillage of valuable moisture: what goes in cup reaches throat (bad motoric coordination exempted), if you pull open, then twist, while still pulling, to locks the segments in place securely. Merely flicking or pulling open won't do, and I'd not entrust other than rotgut to it when not twist-locked.It seems easy to get the cup filled - people appear to like filling it, only to see it in operation - but that could also be a minus.Key chain attached to the right (cover) side, therefore one can use the cup without dragging the whole keychain with it.
    Could possibly be used as radio frequency radiation shielding device.
    bottomline:A seasonal gadget, compact enough in its collapsed state to be easily tucked away until next winter.
  • Small measuring cup

    posted by TheOnePb

    Looks and feels solid, is not very heavy but feels just good and it is not very thick but just thick enough to give you the feeling it is strong.
    50 mL and 25 mL are often used values and you can easily make 100 (2x50) or such values if you need a certain amount of milliliters.
    It was well packed and looks very nice!
    Just a good product and if you need a measuring cup, this is as far as I know the biggest one on DX with good measurements, so get this one!
    Just a good product

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