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stainless ruler Customers Reviews

  • Stainless Steel Protractor with Ruler

    posted by Dibari

    very good. tried already with set-squares that i know the exact angle and it measures exactly the 30 degrees, the 45 degrees and the 60 degrees, so i believe in the measurements of the Protractor.
    think the screw is too big. i would prefer for it to have another type of way to connect the two parts of metal. i hope i do not loose the screw.
    a bit expensive, but it as a great usefulness. i am a math teacher and this helps to student see the angles is a cube, octahedron, icosahedron and other solids
  • Good rule of stainless steel

    posted by JuanAlv

    It is noteworthy for its quality and durability. It has a very precise scale that indicates in the proper reading of the length. It is sufficiently small to take anywhere or use it at the Cabinet table. It comes with a very useful cover to avoid unwanted cuts.It also presents a hole to incorporate him a rope to prevent it from being lost due to its small size.
    It is a rule of quality.
    It is essential to draw straight lines anywhere.
  • Quite good ruler

    posted by Assato

    - Good price (could be better, but it's still cheap)
    - Has both cm and inches scales
    - Up to 0.05 mm precision in the cm side; 1/64 in on the inch side
    - Made of stainless steel (or so it says).
    - Comes with a red, plastic protective wrapping bag (quality is not very good, but it's better than nothing).
    I suppose corners are sharp on purpose, so that you have a very precise starting point for your measures (which might be harder to achieve if the corners were rounded and/or the zero marking was not at the very left of the ruler (ie, if there was a space before the origin)).
    If you don't mind losing that "feature", you can manually round the corners using a tool that does so (and which I don't know the name of in English, lol... a file, maybe?).
    Good one, if you need a ruler of this length, buy it.
  • Good Protractor.

    posted by JuanAlv

    Precise Protractor that can measure from 180 to minus 180 degrees with a precision of tenths of a degree. It is very high durability because it is made of stainless steel. It is very small which can lead to either side. It has a screw to attach the measure and prevent errors due to displacement of the instrument.
    Good instrument that allows precise and sufficient robustness measures to last a long time.
    It is essential to measure angles anywhere.
  • Excellent!

    posted by auguches

    - It has 0.5 millimeter scale on one side. Super precise.- Great material Quality. Thick metal.- Very readable.-Inches and Centimeters scaling.- It has a hole to tie it or put some string.
    - Basic stuff but really handy on different uses. For Drawing, measurement, DIY Projects, Mathematics, students on different areas.
    - You should own one.- You should order more to give away to your friends. Excellent present.

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