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stainless ruler Customers Reviews

  • its a ruler what else?

    posted by lordvellos

    good build quality
    come with a protective plastic case/bag
    good size for everyday use
    inch and cm always nice to have options!
    its metal so you can use to cut withou ruining it
    doesnt rust (i think)
    for simple usage or even for hobbiest it is a good ruler
    ease to read the numbers
    engineer and architect i recommend, maybe a bigger one would be better , also buy the protactor with ruler and you will have a perfect set!
    man its a ruler, it is always handy and specially a sturdy one like this!
  • I think this ruler is quite decent

    posted by Fauskin

    It's a nice rugged metal rulerIt works great.It's decent metal thicknessDoes the job for my needs.
    I have used this ruler a lot, and it has always met my needs. I have never regret this buy since I'm just a hobbyist, and don't need high grade state of the art equippment from NASA to do my little projects at home.
    I think its a little bit strange that people are complaining about this ruler, since it is this cheap! If you are looking for a high precision ruler, would you really buy a ruler from DX for 2USD?? Really I don't get it.
  • Stainless Steel Protractor with Ruler

    posted by Dibari

    very good. tried already with set-squares that i know the exact angle and it measures exactly the 30 degrees, the 45 degrees and the 60 degrees, so i believe in the measurements of the Protractor.
    think the screw is too big. i would prefer for it to have another type of way to connect the two parts of metal. i hope i do not loose the screw.
    a bit expensive, but it as a great usefulness. i am a math teacher and this helps to student see the angles is a cube, octahedron, icosahedron and other solids
  • Great ruler

    posted by GigaNetBoy

    Great price.Very durable, its made of steel.Includes metric and imperial markings on each side.Comes with a nice sleeve.
    Can be used to guide a X-Acto while cutting paper.The round hole can be used do place it in an wall organizer in your garage, office etc.
    If you need a metal ruler with precision markings, this is the one to get.Still using mine after a year and not a sign of usage.
  • Great tool for the handy man

    posted by kalechinees

    There aren't a lot of tools like this but I use them a lot for woodworking.
    Great tool and I recently ordered another one for a friend when he saw mine. Also I attached a small round earth-magnet to the knob so I can quickly attach it to the steel frame on my working bench.
    Just get it :)


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