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stainless keychain Customers Reviews

  • Great Compact Stainless Steel Whistle

    posted by haiyter

    * Stainless Steel which means easy to clean and sterilize. Others that are made in plastic are harder to clean as the saliva etc enters the center and unless you have a way to break it in half, cleaning wont really kill all the germs* Twists and comes off so you can clean the inside of the whistle or to carry it around.
    Nothing really, other than the idea, if they made a whistle that is similar that doesn't take effort to blow, then it would be a solid idea. Otherwise, for people who are serious hikers or campers, I dread the idea that if they had this as they are injured for some reason, they may not be able to blow it hard enough for people to hear.
    Great whistle as its stainless steel. Only problem is it a bit small so blowing this whistle actually takes a bit of a hard blow in order for it to sound.
  • Ok but small

    posted by Hawkana

    Looks nice. Overall good quality
    nothing else to say really. Buy it if you want a really small Stainless Steel Quadrate Liquor Flask. But Do not buy the Stainless Steel Quadrate Liquor Flask if you wan't to use it as a keychain.
    The Stainless Steel Quadrate Liquor Flask is not very usefull but quite fun.... Fits well in small pockets... Good as a gift?
  • Great

    posted by Mahox

    This nail clipper is perfectly aligned and very sharp. The clip at the top is a bit tight, but not too tight, so you can hold it without it falling apart or sorts.
    This nail clipper is perfectly aligned and very sharp. The clip at the top is a bit tight, but not too tight, so you can hold it without it falling apart or sorts.
    It's a cheap, sharp nail clipper that can get in every corner if needed :P
  • Just good to have

    posted by Npj97

    It's very small so can be took anywhere, it cuts the nail first time every time and folds away very easily and also opens up just as, it is full metal so should not break
    I should have bought more to keep in bags cars coats and for spare incase I lose it
    Just buy one buy 2 great for travelling when every cm counts and I've dropped more money worth in the street so if its lost its easily replaced
  • Small, light, quick enough

    posted by pmbuyit

    The drive is really small, smaller than expected. First I have tested it with H2testw - this drive is NO FAKE - it is really 16 GB (means 14,7 GB when You ask Windows). Copying of files seems quick, so I have then tested the speed of the drive with Check Flash 1.16.2 - result: Write speed (small pattern set) about 6 MB/s (5,7 to 6,10 MB/s), read speed (small pattern set) about 25 MB/s (21,5 to 25,8 MB/s). A new test with another testing program - CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1 - sequential read/write test: write speed 6,97 MB/s, read speed 26,69 MB/s. Is quite good for me.
    Color is "anthracite", looks elegant. The carabiner clip is strong, you can attach it on a key ring with one hand, to remove it you will need two hands.
    Have seen it cheaper, but is a good drive. If you need it, why not buy it?

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