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  • Love it!

    posted by andregio

    This is a great set. The bag is really nice, soft, good quality, really well sewn. All items fit perfectly, and its size makes it easy to store in any drawer or make-up pouch.Scissors and clipper cut great, they are really sharp.
    I think I'll get another to give as a gift. My mother in law loved it when she saw it.
    Really pleased with this set.
  • Very good quality

    posted by hyudryu

    Very nicely built. It has more than 8 tools. Lightweight, small, blue. It is made of stainless steel. The knife is not razor sharp, but it is just a swiss army knife.
    This is very good. There is a small lock switch thing that hooks onto a hook. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot lock the small catcher lock thing, just push the holding thing down so it will fit into place. Kind of hard to describe.
    Very good for the price, very sturdy build, MUST have for anyone. I would recomend this as a gift to a friend because if the shiny blue outside and it just looks so good.
  • Ok

    posted by eloi8

    A lot of tools, nice case. Tools are nicely made, good materials, hardly any defects.
    All the tools work pretty well, nail clippers and nail pliers aren't as sharp as they should be. The ear pick handle is a different design than on the images (it's a round stick instead of flat). Some of the other tools also have minor design differences than on the images. I really like the case, it feels soft and nice, although the sewn section is a bit asymmetrical on mine.
  • Handy but disorderly

    posted by GoBliNuke

    * little (it comes easily in my bag or pockets)* useful (it helps in nearly every jury-rig situation)* sturdy (it's METAL!)
    I am not disappointed but now I want to buy original from Swiss-Tech. Thanks for that tool ("Stainless Steel Pocket Folding Pliers + Screwdriver + Knife + File Toolkit"), it served me faithfully.
    Everyday handy tool, nice for money.
  • Just good to have

    posted by Npj97

    It's very small so can be took anywhere, it cuts the nail first time every time and folds away very easily and also opens up just as, it is full metal so should not break
    I should have bought more to keep in bags cars coats and for spare incase I lose it
    Just buy one buy 2 great for travelling when every cm counts and I've dropped more money worth in the street so if its lost its easily replaced

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