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  • A close shave.

    posted by SNOWNUTS

    Very inexpensive razor blades.They come sharp enough to shave with but not much more.Packaged well to maintain some waterproofing in a damp bathroom.
    Decent for a cheap set of blades, you'd manage to buy around two disposable shaves for the price of these 10 in oz.Well suited to SKU 116281. For a cool shaving kit this is the thing to get.
    Decent blades at a decent price.
  • Very sharp pair of scissors

    posted by isotco

    Cuts hair very well, no problem with failed cuts.
    The build quality is good and the spring loaded pivot seems to be doing its job well. Easy to disassemble and adjust.
    Do not pull on the rubber stopper. It will come off pretty easily, and it is not so easy to put back. I had to glue it to get it to stick to the handle again... Do not cut anything other than hair with them, as it will wear them out.
    Very good scissors for the price
  • Rusty after the first wash - is that stainless ?

    posted by eci10

    A good ideea in principle to have several blades that help you cutting the vegetables.
    Don't see how could it be fixed and made usefull.
    What more to say - a bit disapointed as I was hoping for something usefull not deceiving building quality.
  • Professional touch

    posted by mxtedi

    Good quality and price. Very light and convenient for the hand. Sharp edges. It really does the work. You even can correct your hair by yourself. It comes with transperant nylon protective bag. Ideal for thinning and shaping the hair.
    Pay attention when cleaning it from hairs because the blade is so sharp that you can cut the skin of your fingers. The product is perfect but the result on the hair may be terrible if you don't know how to use this kind of scissors. If you use it for the first time first cut a little hair to see the result. It needs practice.
    If you are a professional hairdresser or just like to experiment with your hair buy it. You won't regret.
  • Tiny little sharp knife

    posted by lordultra

    This knife is fairly attractive. The colours are nice and look exactly like the photos. The blade shape is unique and looks great. It came super sharp.
    This knife would be a lot nicer if it opened and closed smoother. It is a cute knife and very sharp.
    Buy it. It would be a handy knife and it looks good. Just remember that it's very small.

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