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Every single stainless angle displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

stainless angle Customers Reviews

  • Very good product, very fine point and soft to use

    posted by nluques

    Very strong and sturdy materialsThey are easy to use, soft to handle for a long period of timeVery precise and fine ponitsCovers for the points very usefulGood price
    Very useful tool, well made, good materialsPrecise toolEasy to use
    Very good product for the price, I would definately buy them again if needed and would recemended them
  • Good quality!

    posted by Udeliggaren

    Good alignment, sharp tip, good for holding electronic components or removing splinters from my childrens fingers =). The body of the tweezers provides a good grip, overall good size.
    Comes with a little plastic protective sleeve over the tip for when not in use.
    Supprisingly good high quality product, sturdy metal construction, this is a product well worth the money!
  • Good tweezers for small stuff

    posted by aherland

    Good grip.Seems like good quality.Should be good for working with small items / components.Should be great for electronic equipment repair.Makes you able to reach hard to reach places as well.
    I have often needed something like this when working on small items / components. Now I have it available for whatever it could come in handy.
    If you need angled tweezers with high precision you should go for it. I keep it in my toolbox for whenever I should need it.
  • Tweezerses

    posted by Bulgina

    Set of tweezers 3 TS-10 TS-11, TS-15. Does exactly what you expect from him. It would be good if they do not conduct electricity, but at this price you can not zhalovatsya.Blagodarya him I did not go mad while repairing your PDA (although it broke down in the end.) So just move the parts with these tweezers.
    Blagodarya him I did not go mad while repairing your PDA (although it broke down in the end.) So just move the parts with these tweezers.
    So just move the parts with these tweezers.
  • Seems to tweeze quite perfectly

    posted by cat0b

    Looks like a set of quite professional tweezers, if I ever saw one. Comes in that usual combination of plastic and cardboard that we all have come to love.Comes with a tiny rubber band that keeps the item quite flat whilst in travel.
    Looks like tweezers and works like tweezers. Probably mean that they are genuine tweezers. Seems that they are quite handy when you need that extra precicion when lugging out hair from your nose.
    Tweezer. They tweeze, and does so quite good. I don't know what more you want me to say. If you have none-magnetic nose hair there might be better versions of said item available. For me, they are perfect. Best $? I ever spendt.


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