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ssd to 3.5 Customers Reviews

  • Excellent

    posted by Criggie

    I couldn't find this in my country - its simple enough though. This is in my SFF Desktop and holds a fast 64 GB SSD and a slow 1TB hard drive (5400 RPM, out of a USB caddy), both 2.5". And it fits into a 3.5" disk space. You don't need to take up 1 3.5" bay with 1 2.5" disk in a holder.
    Comes with screws too.
    Need to put two 2.5" drives into one 3.5" drive bay? This will do it nicely.
  • works as advertised

    posted by gord888

    this is a great product - lots of the other brackets don't have the lower mounting holes. The biggest thing for me is that is came with screws; many brackets don't.- cheap- works as advertised- multiple mounting holes (lower and side mounting)- comes with screws
    I couldn't find a better deal in Canada. Everything else is about $2.00 more. Since i shop on dx a lot, i had no issue waiting the 3 weeks delivery time.
    If you can afford to wait - buy it from DX. if you're in a rush, you can always spend more to buy it from a local store.
  • Aluminum alloy?

    posted by mucco

    Easy to install, nice painting, solid construction.It comes with extra screws. I used 2 of them to mount 2 SSD discs in my PC. Does the job perfectly, but...
    Got 2 in different times, exactly both of the same quality and finish, nothing to complain about. The fact that it's ferromagnetic does not bother me at all!
    Not easy to find a cheaper one: if weight or heat dissipation is not extremely critical, go for it!
  • Sturdy drive bay adapter

    posted by HRPNZ

    Holds my 2.5" card reader very well.A very sturdy piece of plastic.The front 2.5" bay filler plastic (which I just popped out) could be used to fill a empty 2.5" slot in another black plastic case (something I have needed from time-to-time).Can also be used to hold an SSD.
    The fit between my card reader an this was quite tight - which I see as a good thing, as there is less of a gap around the front facade.
    Definitely my pick of all the drive by adapters.

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