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ssc z7 Customers Reviews

  • Very good flashlight for the price

    posted by GalaxyPAA

    A flashlight that is simple to use and seems to be very solid. It has a very good light, i am very satisfied with how it performs.
    I dont think i got a manual... that could be good for someone that had not operated this kind of flashlight before. But a man with a normal intelligence level will soon figure it out ;)
    A good lamp that is simple to use.
  • Small and well built.

    posted by vbbrasil

    The lantern is beautiful and well built. Even with the battery is lightweight. The size is great for carrying in pocket or leave in the car.
    This model is good to leave inside your car in an emergency situation is brighter enough to illuminate the interior of the car and also to signal your position.
    If you need a brighter torch look for a XM-LT6 or a SSC P7.
  • Very Brite

    posted by melody8801

    it is very brite!! i use it with a 18650 Lithium Battery. And i can enlight without problems a emergency place, or a working place. very brite!!!
    The strobe mode ist useless, i think so. It hurts in the eyes, just a bit epilectical ;-)In longer use, the aluminium gets a bit warm, but this must be so.If you wanna use it as a camping light, it is just to brite, but it is perfect, if you want a few light. You'l get itThe Produkt would be perfekt, if the beam can be adjusted
    i gona buy more of them, very good product.
  • Good buildquality

    posted by KLeas

    It´s a robust build, and has a nice finish.I like the 2-mode without flash option.Nice broad beam. Trows about 50-75m.Even got a small lamination at 100m
    My light would at first only work on "high" mode, this was due to the resistor in the tailcapswitch.It was broken, but I manage to solder it to place again.I measured the resistor to 7ohm´sAnd I got 2.2amps on high mode.Remember, this is NOT a flashlight for everyday use. If that whats you want, buy a smaller light.This light will not fit in your pocket without some hassle.
    Good light with a nice broad beam.I think I can get my SKU: 35242 to fit inside the housing with just a few small adjustments on the drop-in module.

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