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  • Best spot

    posted by volsmd

    Great Light, Yellow light, probably 4000k as they say.I use over my desk (about one meter), works great, does not over heat. I have two, both working fine.Looks good, looks price.
    Great for DIY projects. I hang over the desk with 0,5 mm cables.It's almost plug N play.Not white light!Doesn't get hot.You can’t see the LEDs, if you look at it will see a yellow square.
    Good quality product, if I need will buy more. Not so focused, so great for my use, or placing in living rooms.Good for DIY projects.Yellow light.I’m changing all my house in to LED lights, why? Seems ecological (to me at least) because have a small consumption and looks good, looks fancy !
  • Excellent and beautiful

    posted by tabascoz

    Very very bright. It cames with an protective cardboard box to avid any scratches. The light is very focused, perfect to be used in bathrooms , to illuminate the sink. I presume that its focus is around 60 degrees. Be aware that it is an 6000k lamp, so it is a little bit purple. The lightning is pretty solid, it doesn't flick like some cheaper models sold in Brazil. The driver has a good quality.
    none thoughts
    no bottom line needed.
  • Decent for hunting

    posted by guiditoito

    It is a good purchase if you need a fixed 12v lamp, this kind of lamps is hard to find on some places.
    I used it on a trip and it does the job... you can attach a 12v cigarette adapter and have a very useful toy
    I am not sure if I would recommend it.. the price seems a bit high for my taste... If you have the skills for building your own I'd say you do that with a kit rather than using this one... but it works... the luminescense is decent, so it was not a bad purchase.
  • Cheap and useful

    posted by hwclermont

    Easy to use. Just plug on the wall and that is it.Light sensor is very useful as it turns off automatically when there is light enough in the room
    Would be better if the packages were more stiff. We can notice that the packages suffer a lot during transportation. Anyone can expect receiving a broken object at anytime because the packages are so weak.
    A good buy anyway. I bought 4 and all are working well. It is useful when we have any old person walking through home at night.
  • Best LED panel ever!

    posted by tfrangel

    I am in the process of choosing and buying lamps/lights for my new condo. I have decided that I will use only LED light in the entire condo, and all lights would be surface mounted. However, so far, I had never found any light for the larger rooms (e.g. bedroom, kitchen, dining room, office) that would get me excited about. Those I had found were too expensive, not bright enough, or too ugly. Also, most ceiling down LED lights I have found have a narrow beam, and are less bright than a 15/20W electronic/fluorescent light bulb.Ok... having said that, I must say that I am VERY happy with this LED panel. In fact, it is the first that perfectly fits all my criteria.It is slim... REALLY slim. They are serious about the 2cm depth, and you will be impressed by how light it is. At the same time, it feels pretty solid and well built.Also, it is BRIGHT, very BRIGHT! I have installed it next to a 4 x 15W assemble of fluorescent light, and believe me, it is brighter than the whole thing.
    Ahh... BTW... the light color is superb! My bedroom feels like in a bright sunny daylight: not two yellow, and certainly not cold-blueish. 3500K - 4000K is just the perfect color!The maker should provide an LED panel like this one that could be easily surface mounted. Lots of people drill holes in their ceiling, which I try to avoid, so I understand that embedded lights are more popular. However, with a LED panel as slim as 2cm and beautiful finishing, I believe that more people will decide to attach the light directly on the surface of the ceiling.
    One of the best DX purchases I have ever made. I am buying several more now, and I just hope that they are all similar (same light color and size).


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