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spot led 3w

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spot led 3w Customers Reviews

  • Very nice LED spots

    posted by thijsleeuw

    Very nice warm light, the spot stays cool. Gives the same idea like a halogene spot. (but it doesn't get warm and doesn't uses a lot of energy)I installed two in my campervan, so they get a lot of movement, but the spots stay configured correctly!I uses a transformator to supply the power, also use 12v from my car-battery.
    The baseplate feels very thin, when installed it isn't a problem.
    great product, I used it in my campervan!
  • GU10 Led warm white 230V

    posted by VelluH

    Nice build quality, and a good color temperature. The light is about like a 35w halogen lamp. Works 230 volts in Finland. I use the outdoor terrace in the roof. We'll see how the duration of the Finnish winter. Sometimes it is colder -30 degrees Celsius.
    Good value for money. I ordered the first one and I was happy with the experiment. Space for 20 more.
    Good value for money.
  • Good LED spotlight, with caveats

    posted by DrewdQueue

    + Good brightness for minimal power usage.+ Nice even throw of light, very symmetrical, can't tell it uses 3 emitters.+ Aluminum heatsink-fin design means exceptional heat management, hardly heated up at all.+ Good price.
    Although I may sound overall negative, this bulb is very sound and delivers _exactly_ what it promises. I'm happy with it and intend to use it as below.
    A good-quality long-lasting LED spotlight bulb, light quality is somewhat harsh for domestic use. This would make an excellent light for any work bench, desk or table where you need a lot of light focussed right on fiddly work such as soldering, electronics assembly, modelling, fine needlework and so on.
  • Impressed

    posted by salobinha

    Bright enough. I'm lightning an interior wall and it works perfectly. It was pretty easy to install on the ceiling, close to a big pendant light.
    As a spot light, works pretty well. Could not find anything at DX better for the same purpose.
    Despite of the cons, I recommend this product.
  • It was unpleasantly surprised

    posted by Perchilo

    It was unpleasantly surprised with radiation capacity. In the same order got a similar lamp in capacity 1,3w and at first them mixed (on lamps there is no marking), this lamp shines in 2 times weaker. Time so it turned out, I am not so happy, I will choose 3w for the house. Light is similar and almost corresponds to a halogen lamp in capacity 20w. In my house of such lamps 44 therefore for me this economy is so important.
    It would be possible to make opaque glass that beams from light-emitting diodes dissipated on the big square, then the lamp looked better and stars are more effective.
    It is not ready to buy many these lamps, lamps in capacity 1,3w appeared better, I recommend for purchase them.

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