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  • sturdy, good value for the price

    posted by eltonw

    The velcro fastener is much more reliable than that of a similar product (different manufacturer) that I purchased last year.The case is ample, and large enough to entirely contain my Sony Xperia while the phone is *still*in it's protective hard case, and with a wrist-strap still attached. With such capacity the larger Samsung and LG phones should easily fit.The materials are solid and durable, and the armband contains a tiny pocket in which you might store your keys.Besides the large slit for inserting the phone, there are two pass-through holes for your headset, located on the same side (top and bottom _right_).
    The part where you pass the velcro strip through to fasten is rather rigid, but this attests to the solid construction and quality of the material.Notwithstanding, I am able to _find the 'right sport'_and press the sleep switch on my phone when it is *inside its own solid case*, and the entire thing inside the pouch.
    I was a bit surprised at the size of the pouch since the description says it is for the Sony Xperia line (these phones are easily 'swallowed up' in the pouch!It would be definitely a good fit for larger phones such as Samsung, LG and other 'phablets' (phone/tablet)DX also has the same product in blue, so there is a choice of colour (AFAIK)
  • Very cute and also useful button cell flashlight

    posted by DavidRIngham

    Holding this, it is not as the description says a sports car. Much cuter than that. It is a dodgem amusement park bumper car.It comes with a nice key ring and chain attached by a small but fairly strong ring at the rear end of the full perimeter black bumper.Light weight.
    It is also a nice toy sports car.It is activated by pulling out a clear plastic tab at the bottom. The switch is the hood and turns on the light while it is pushed.
    Get it if you are fond of bumper cars, maybe if you like sports cars.
  • Nice but not for Galaxy S2 users

    posted by kalm1570

    InexpensiveLooks great with a reflecting frame around screen
    Should I get an iPhone to go with this? F*** no, I'll just need to find another solution.Me and my brother will be taking on a trip with motorcycles summer 2013, and this would have been great for navigation and multimedia purposes while riding.
    Great arm band pouch for indoor activities..
  • Beautiful design. However, the content of tissues do not match those specif

    posted by astoriya

    Notably good design. Pleasant colors. Size same as stated in the description. One size fits all! Cheap,easy to use, easy to bear. - Nice color - Very quickly dry.
    Given the cheapness of the product its shortcomings can be ignored.
    I hardly ordered this product when I knew that the store will utter lies.
  • Simple, lightweight, solid, practical

    posted by neithere

    First of all, it really works. I filled it with very hot water and waited for the walls to get warmer. They didn't. Well, of course they did but very slowly; I didn't have enough patience. I think such insulation will allow me to have some hot tea on my way to work ar in the forest till late autumn; time will tell if it's going to work in the winter (I'd expect no less than 20 minutes at -15° C but who knows).It's also very lightweight (especially compared to "proper" vacuum flasks). The inner container can be removed for cleaning; the external one can be used in warm weather as an ordinary flask of larger volume.
    Hint for the maker: please do something with the lid. It should be completely watertight.
    Does the job very well. Suitable for cycling in cold weather (temperature range to be tested). The quality could be just a little bit higher for this price.

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