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Purchase the latest sport armband s3 with wonderful pricing At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. People who browse sport armband s3 also browse sport armband 4s and stylish sports armband. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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sport armband s3 Customers Reviews

  • Great armband

    posted by Kajss

    Te band is large enough for my arms even space over i have avarage arms think most people can put around the upper arm without a problem and it works very fine with runningit is also waterproof so when your running in the rain you dont have to worry about your phone
    i would buy it again if this 1 is broken. have it now for more then 6 months and it stil works great :)
  • Handy for running!

    posted by ShakurR

    Very handy if you need to listen to music while running, or track your progress with GPS tracking sport apps like Endomondo. The price is very good, and also it looks nice. The materials feel good and it is comfortable to use while running. Also has a handy pocket for small things like keys.
    The strap system consists of two holes, hole A and B, where A is closest to the phone. I think you are supposed to insert the strap into hole A and lead it out B, but this will only work if you have thin arms. Estimated circumference: max 25 cm - try wrapping an A4 paper (29,7 cm) around your bicep. If you can do this, then this will suit as a glove. I use another method:I only insert the strap in hole B, and then tighten. This allows arms of larger circumference, larger than the length of an A4 paper. Guess: max 33 cm.
    If your arm circumference is less than 33 cm, and you enjoy running while listening to music or tracking your progress (ex: Endomondo), this is a must buy! :D
  • Confortable and adaptable

    posted by julioxrk

    Durable, confortable, design looks great.The Smartphone fills really good in the space provided for it. It has two positions for put it in your arm.
    The space to put the keys of your house it's a really good plus. The material doesn' t smell bad after a heavy use, good choice. I think this is the best of the armband for i9300 that has dealextreme
    If you practice running or some kind of sports yopu must buy this, a really good decission
  • Good, but could be better

    posted by ezaat

    Great colour!! Red is so much better than grey, black or white.Tight fit. The Samsung SIII really fits nicely in this Sports Armband. Difficult for water to reach the Samsung SIII, unless your have headphones installed.
    When I am working out really hard, my sweat sometimes wets the armband.It does not dry quickly.So I'm thinking about ordering one extra.
    It's great; you only have to be a little carefull (with rain and bending your arm)Buy it!
  • Simple and handy product

    posted by LesSoldats

    It works for galaxy S3 mini.Good materials. Seems robust enough.Really easy to use.The overall quality is good and I think it will be a good add on when jogging
    Not much. since this is a simple product there is no much to say, only that it works and you get a decent quality product for a reasonable price. I would recommended to others.
    Good product, good quality and reasonable price so if you are looking for sport armband fro you S3 mini this will work just fine.

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