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  • Eat

    posted by Choops

    Stainless steel handy pouch so you do not loose any pieces cute floral pattern on spoon and fork handles Chopsticks have notches so food is easier to grab and does not get dropped very lightweight - chopsticks must be hollow.
    Good for camping, putting in a lunch box, even throw it in the bottom of your book-bag/backpack or purse just in case. It would be good for mess kits if your kids are in boy scouts or girl guides.
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  • cool

    posted by dennisschemkes

    It's so cool and usefull. You always have a fork spoon and chopsticks with you where ever you go. It looks really nice mine came in a silver case. It has funny smily faces in the handles.
    Would be useful it there would be a knife int there. But o well you can always put a small knife in there from your own kitchen
    It is a great useful tool or gadget to have. It makes a perfect gift it's personal and a fun addition to your collect of dx products.
  • Portable Packing Utensils

    posted by haiyter

    * Compacts utensils (fork, spoon, and pair of chopsticks) into a small pocket-pen like cover.* Great for while traveling or restaurants * Easy to use, chopstick are divided into two* Stainless steel so you will know if its dirty or if you didn't clean it too well * Great for camping
    Too bad they couldn't include a knife. That would be sweet and you could have one of everything. I guess since the most useful thing to me here is the chopsticks. Being Asian, that is about the only utensil I ever use any ways.
    Get this if you want something that you can take with you when you travel or if you are super clean and detail oriented. Might look weird in front of people but I've worked at restaurants and know that they need to clean dishes fast so they do not always clean it like they are suppose to. Sometimes in restaurants you may even find left over, harden food, or lipstick in dishes or cups. Anyway, great buy and will eventually come into handy

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